Chapter: 3165

Xiao Lingye: "Don't yell!"

Zhou Nan: "Hahaha! I have great confidence in you! Xiaohe likes you so much, she will definitely talk to you! Xiaohe has been lost for so many years, her family must be very guilty of her. In terms of choosing a mate, even her family If you are not satisfied, you will accommodate her, if you don't believe me, let's make a bet!"

Xiao Lingye: "I don't want to bet with you, you should go now! I'm tired!"

Zhou Nan called her up early this morning, and spent a day playing outside with Xiaohe, busier than going to work.

Zhou Nan: "Men, don't cry tired!"

Xiao Lingye: "Get lost! Don't come to my house so early tomorrow! Don't come to my house so early in the future!"

Zhou Nan: "Okay! I'll come to you after you meet your uncle, okay?"

Xiao Lingye: "I told you not to call me uncle!"

Zhou Nan: "Okay, I won't shout anymore."


country t airport.

Qin Zihan and Pei Xiaomo walked out of the airport.

Pei Xiaomo held Qin Zihan's arm: "When I see Xiaohe later, you must not talk nonsense. You must restrain your emotions."

Qin Zihan: "Why are you so worried?"

Qin Zihan's tone was quite calm.

Pei Xiaomo swallowed: "You have been suffering from insomnia for the past two days. When you don't sleep well, you can easily lose control of your emotions. I'm afraid that when you see Xiao Lingye, you can't help but say irreparable words."

Qin Zihan: "That's not true. Although Xiao Lingye can't catch my eyes, he hasn't married Xiaohe after all, and he hasn't done anything to hurt Xiaohe. I won't do anything to him."

Pei Xiaomo: "Don't dislike him too much. From Xiaohe's point of view, Xiao Lingye has a very strong self-esteem."

Qin Zihan looked at Pei Xiaomo: "Did Xiaohe ask you to tell me this?"

Pei Xiaomo shook her head: "Xiaohe should have quite a lot of trust in you, she thinks you will definitely not be able to bully Xiao Lingye."

Qin Zihan took a deep breath: "Xiao Mo, why are you turning your elbows out? You've been helping that kid Xiao Lingye talk overtly and secretly. Do you think I can't hear it?"

Pei Xiaomo smiled brightly: "Husband, I think you shouldn't despise others just because of their poor conditions. You see, I am not good enough for you, but no one in your family despises me. I just can compare with Xiao Ling I feel the same way at night.”

"Can it be the same? I can support you, but Xiao Lingye has no ability, so Xiaohe will suffer with him." Qin Zihan is not a feudal old stubborn, if someone else's younger sister follows a poor boy, Qin Zihan promises to bless others calmly .

"Let's talk about it after we meet Xiao Lingye! Now that he's starting his own company, it means he's still capable." Pei Xiaomo was in a very good mood.

When the two got into the taxi, Pei Xiaomo took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Xiaohe.

Xiaohe is waiting in the hotel lobby at this time.

Seeing the news about Pei Xiaomo, Xiaohe immediately called Xiao Lingye nervously: "Xiao Lingye! My brother is here! Why don't you come over and have dinner with us!"

Xiao Lingye: "Your brother didn't call me, did he? I'll go there when he wants to see me!"

Xiaohe: "I think it's better for you to take the initiative."

Xiao Lingye's heart beat rapidly.

The nervousness spread to all limbs in an instant.

"Are you sure?" Xiao Lingye asked.

"I'm sure! Come to the hotel quickly! Let's have dinner together later! Otherwise, I'll face my brother alone, I'm afraid!" Xiaohe told the real reason for calling him here.