Chapter: 3168

Xiaohe blushed: "Brother, I didn't play games before because I was too busy studying. Now that I have graduated, I can learn to play."

Qin Zihan: "There's no need to learn this. Playing games is a waste of time and life."

Xiaohe: "..."

Xiao Lingye: "......" I feel like my elder brother is targeting me?

Pei Xiaomo shook Qin Zihan's hand, reminding him that his words were a little too much.

"Actually, it's good to play games occasionally. It can relax you! Although I don't know how to play more complicated games, I also like to play simple games." Pei Xiaomo smoothed things over, "For example, some elimination games and Landlord Fighting some type of."

Xiao Lingye pulled out an embarrassed yet polite smile.

I don't know how to answer, and I don't know what to say.

Because the game he made is completely different from what Pei Xiaomo said.

Facing three people who don't play games, how can he continue talking?

"Xiao Lingye, although we don't know much about games, I believe you can do well." Seeing Xiao Lingye's embarrassment, Xiaohe encouraged her.

Xiao Lingye: "How about we talk about something else?"

Pei Xiaomo laughed: "Let's talk about something else! When your game is online, you can tell us that although we don't know how to play games, we can join in the fun."

Xiao Lingye: "Yes."

Qin Zihan picked up the water glass and took a sip of water: "I heard that your mother is ill, how is she doing now?"

The smile on Pei Xiaomo's face disappeared immediately.

Why did you talk about such a heavy topic when you first met?

Xiao Lingye: "The cancer is terminal and I'm living in the hospital."

Qin Zihan: "Waiting to die?"

Xiao Lingye: "Yes."

Pei Xiaomo and Xiaohe were dumbfounded and dared not speak at all.

Qin Zihan put down the water glass: "Where's your dad's side?"

Xiao Lingye: "No contact."

Qin Zihan: "Severed the relationship?"

Xiao Lingye: "Yes."

Xiaohe glanced at his elder brother and then at Xiao Lingye.

Originally, in Xiao He's eyes, Xiao Lingye was a very rebellious man, but in front of his eldest brother, Xiao Lingye seemed very cute and honest.

What if other people told Xiao Lingye that your mother is waiting to die in the hospital? Xiao Lingye would definitely be furious.

But when Qin Zihan asked this sentence, Xiao Lingye would not think wildly.

Because he can probably see what kind of character Qin Zihan is.

"You studied in country e, so you don't have much affection for your motherland, do you?" Qin Zihan asked slowly.

Xiao Lingye: "A little, but not much."

Qin Zihan: "Let me make it clear to you. If you want to be with Xiaohe, you must go to country A. Our whole family will not agree to Xiaohe marrying to this hellish place."

Xiao Lingye: "I know."

Qin Zihan: "Even if you are willing to go to country a to develop, we may not necessarily accept you. Going to country a is just a basic condition. Do you understand?"

Xiao Lingye: "Yes."

Qin Zihan: "Do you think I speak too much?"

Xiao Lingye: "No. I am very clear about my conditions and Xiaohe's conditions."

Qin Zihan: "Then what do you think? Tell me clearly now."

Xiao He couldn't help but interrupt: "Brother, Xiao Lingye has just graduated and is starting a business now. I don't want him to distract too much energy elsewhere. I want him to work hard and not think about other things first. Even if I like He and I don’t want to get married now.”