Chapter: 3170

For this meal, Xiao He didn't know what to eat.

The chat between Xiao Lingye and her eldest brother basically covered all the important issues, and it was much smoother than expected.

The eldest brother was not angry, and looking at Xiao Lingye's appearance, he was not angry either.

In fact, this result basically exceeded expectations.

But Xiaohe felt very heavy in her heart.

"Ling Ye, my husband and I want to go to the hospital to see your mother later, is that okay?" Pei Xiaomo asked Xiao Lingye after eating.

Xiao Lingye: "Yes."

Xiaohe: "Do you want to tell your mother first?"

Xiao Lingye: "No need. Go directly and introduce me to her when you arrive."

Xiao's mother's health is getting worse day by day, and she has stopped using her mobile phone for a long time.

Normally, the nurse would report the mother's condition to Xiao Lingye every day.

Pei Xiaomo: "You have to start a business and take care of your mother. You are so strong. For an ordinary person, you would have collapsed a long time ago."

Xiao Lingye: "Xiaohe's life before was more difficult than mine now. She didn't collapse, and I won't collapse either."

Pei Xiaomo: "Haha! You two are very strong people. The hardships of life cannot defeat you now, and they will not defeat you in the future."

Xiaohe: "Sister-in-law, you are so kind! You are the most gentle woman I have ever seen, besides my mother."

Pei Xiaomo blushed from the praise.

Qin Zihan: "If your sister hears what you said, she will be sad."

Xiaohe: "My sister is different! My sister is a superhero in my heart, she is not the gentle kind."

Pei Xiaomo: "Rilla would prefer to be a superhero."

Xiaohe: "Anyway, my sister will definitely not be angry with me."

Pei Xiaomo: "Of course. Are you all full? If you are full, I will ask your brother to pay the bill."

Qin Zihan got up immediately after hearing this.

Xiao Lingye also stood up: "I'll go to pay the bill."

Xiaohe begged and looked at Qin Zihan: "Brother, let him treat you! You have come all the way, how can I let you treat me?"

Qin Zihan: "Okay, I'll go shopping with your sister-in-law. The two of you are waiting for us in the hotel lobby."

Xiaohe: "Okay."

After Qin Zihan and Pei Xiaomo left, Xiaohe immediately followed Xiao Lingye to the cash register: "My elder brother is more straightforward, don't be angry with him."

"You have told me many times." Xiao Lingye took out the card and handed it to the cashier.

Xiaohe: "Then how did you feel after meeting them? Is my sister-in-law particularly nice? She is also an ordinary person."

Xiao Lingye: "Your brother and sister-in-law are all very well."

Xiao He smiled and said: "If you think my eldest brother is also very good, then my sister and my brother are better. They are almost the same as my eldest sister-in-law. My mother is also very good."

Xiao Lingye: "Why didn't you mention your father?"

The smile on Xiaohe's face froze: "My brother may be a little stricter. Maybe even stricter than my elder brother."

Xiao Lingye: "It's okay, take your time!"

Xiao He: "Well, although my father is strict, he has a fatal weakness. That is my mother." At this point, Xiao He raised a smile and said, "My father listens to my mother very much. And my mother also They spoil me so much, so they shouldn't make it difficult for you. Just work hard. I will wait for you."

After paying the bill, Xiao Lingye and Xiaohe walked to the hall and sat down.

"Xiaohe, go back with your elder brother and sister-in-law this time! I can't leave here yet."