Chapter: 3174

Xiaohe's eyes were red: "Brother, Ling Ye's mother passed away. I can't play with you these days."

Qin Zihan: "It's okay. Something like this happened at his house, and we are not in the mood to play. After attending his mother's funeral, your sister-in-law and I will go back."

Xiaohe nodded.

"How are funerals done here?" Qin Zihan asked.

Because he is Xiao He's eldest brother, and Xiao Lingye is Xiao He's boyfriend, and he is the same age as Xiao He, he always feels that he has an obligation to help Xiao Lingye's mother handle the funeral.

Xiaohe: "It's almost the same as in China. Rich people can have a very grand ceremony, people with little money can just do it casually, and poorer people don't need to have a ceremony and just find a place to bury them."

Qin Zihan: "What if we want to make it more glamorous?"

Xiaohe: "Brother, do you want to help his mother with the funeral? He doesn't have any relatives, so he doesn't have to make it grand."

Qin Zihan: "Oh. Then go and discuss with him and see what to do. If I can help, I'll help him!"

Xiaohe: "Thank you, brother. But I don't think you need help with this matter. It doesn't cost much to hold a funeral. He probably won't be willing to accept us spending money on his mother's funeral."

Qin Zihan: "Okay! Then go and accompany him!"

Xiaohe: "Brother, then you and sister-in-law..."

"You don't need to worry about us. Your sister-in-law and I will go outside for a walk. If you need anything, call me." Qin Zihan said.

"Okay big brother."

Xiaohe returned to the ward.

Qin Zihan and Xiaomo left the hospital building.

Mr. Xiao was standing downstairs in the hospital building. When he saw Qin Zihan and Pei Xiaomo coming out, he immediately greeted them with a smile.

"Boss Qin, my son has a deep misunderstanding of me, and even Xiaohe doesn't like me. In fact, I am really good to Xiaohe." Mr. Xiao said honestly, "Xiaohe has been in our house for a long time. She started working. At that time, her mother-in-law was working as a handyman in our kitchen. Our family was really good with the servants. Her mother-in-law had been working in our family for several years. Xiaohe would come to our house every day when she came back from school. She She had very ugly scars on her face when she was young, but our family never disliked her."

Qin Zihan softened a little after listening to Master Xiao's words.

If what Master Xiao said is true, then the Xiao family's sin is not unforgivable.

At least they gave Xiao He a way to survive.

When Mr. Xiao saw that Qin Zihan hadn't left, he didn't change his face and continued: "After Xiaohe's mother-in-law passed away, Xiaohe immediately had no source of income. Our family felt that Xiaohe was pitiful, so they let Xiaohe continue to work in our house. Every day She has been paid on time every month, and she has never been owed wages.ā€

Qin Zihan: "I know these things. The problem now is that Xiao Lingye doesn't associate with you, not that Xiaohe has any grudge against you."

Mr. Xiao nodded: "I know. I do owe Ling Ye a lot. I was absent from his life when he was a child. I took him back to me when he was about to enter college. But after I took him back to my side, I almost Be obedient to him. I spent millions to support him when he went to college, so Iā€™m not being mean to him anymore!ā€

Qin Zihan: "It's better if you tell him these words."

Mr. Xiao looked embarrassed: "He doesn't listen to me. No matter what I do, he is not satisfied. But I am always his father, and I can't ignore him completely. I wonder if I can talk to you about him and Xiao He Something about?"