Chapter: 3176

Mr. Xiao didn't expect Qin Zihan to be so direct, and was caught off guard.

Because he really wanted to ask Qin Zihan for money, but he didn't know how much he wanted.

After all, Qin Zihan was so rich. If he wanted less, he felt like he was losing money. If he wanted more, he was worried that Qin Zihan wouldn't give it to him, so he was very confused.

After struggling for a while, Mr. Xiao said to Qin Zihan: "I know that your family is one of the top wealthy families in country A, so it is up to you to decide the price! I believe you will not treat my son and our family badly."

Qin Zihan frowned slightly.

Pei Xiaomo looked at it and immediately said: "Uncle, you'd better make a price! We don't know much about this. If you insist on us making a price, then we may have to go back and discuss it with my father-in-law."

Mr. Xiao: "Are you talking about Fu Shiting?"

Pei Xiaomo nodded: "My father-in-law is not as easy to talk to as my husband. After all, you wouldn't want your daughter to marry an ordinary man, right?"

Mr. Xiao nodded quickly: "That's true. Then let's talk!"

Pei Xiaomo: "You can start thinking about it now. We won't leave for the next two days."

Mr. Xiao: "Okay, okay! Let's exchange contact information! You can contact me more if you have anything to do in the future."

Pei Xiaomo glanced at Qin Zihan, who then picked up his phone and exchanged contact information with Mr. Xiao.

In the hospital.

Xiaohe accompanies Xiao Lingye to deal with Xiao's mother's funeral affairs.

Xiao Lingye called the funeral home to transport her mother's body out of the hospital.

Xiao He asked Xiao Lingye: "Are you planning to make things simple?"

Xiao Lingye: "I don't have any relatives on my mother's side."

Xiaohe: "Oh. Do we have to pick a cemetery?"

Xiao Lingye: "My mother asked me to send her ashes back to her hometown and scatter them directly into the pond."

Xiaohe: "..."

Xiao Lingye: "She doesn't want me to spend money."

Xiaohe: "Are you really going to listen to her?"

Xiao Lingye: "I don't want to listen to her."

Xiaohe: "It's better to buy a cemetery for your mother! Then you can come back to see her in the future."

Xiao Lingye: "Yeah."

At night.

Qin Zihan and Pei Xiaomo were eating in the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.

Pei Xiaomo asked: "Husband, Xiao Lingye's father wants 100 million from you. Are you really going to give it to him? This is not a small amount."

Qin Zihan: "No."

Pei Xiaomo: "But didn't you agree to it at Xiao's house?"

Qin Zihan: "I'm talking about giving it to Xiao Lingye when he and Xiao He get married. It's still early for them to get married! Moreover, Xiao Lingye will not marry Xiao He until he has made a career. Wait for Xiao Lingye Lingye’s career is successful, let Xiao Lingye pay for the 100 million by himself.”

Pei Xiaomo couldn't help but laugh: "I see that Xiao Lingye hates his father so much, so he may not be willing to give his father so much money!"

Qin Zihan: "But he is willing to give it to Xiaohe."

Pei Xiaomo: "We'll see what happens then! It's still early."



Xiaohe and Xiao Lingye buried Xiao's mother's ashes next to their mother-in-law's grave.

It will be more convenient if you visit the grave in the future.

When we returned to the city from the cemetery, it was already ten o'clock in the evening.

The two of them stood at the door of the hotel.

Xiao Lingye said to Xiaohe: "You go back to the country with your elder brother first. Give me some time. When I take care of things here, I will go to country A to find you."

Xiaohe: "I want to accompany you."

Xiao Lingye: "I'm fine. I've been mentally prepared since the doctor told me that my mother had terminal cancer."

Xiaohe: "Yeah. You still want me to leave with my brother first, right?"

"Yeah." Xiao Lingye replied.

"Okay! Then I'll go back to China first. I'll wait for you to go to Country A to find me." Xiao He took a deep breath and grabbed Xiao Lingye's hand, "You must find me."

Xiao Lingye: "Yeah."