Chapter 1424
Stuart never thought that the magic he cast had no effect on Ji Fan at all.

Just when Stuart was shocked, Ji Fan moved.

With a mind and no intention, Ji Fan directly urged Shanhebu.

The figure flashed, and he came to Stewart in an instant. When Stewart realized it, Ji Fan's hand was already grabbing towards his neck.

At this moment, Stewart quickly recovered from the shock, and then he snorted coldly.

A black magic power suddenly erupted from his body.

This black magic power instantly condensed Chen a mask, protecting him in it.


Ji Fan smashed the black mask with his palm.

The next moment, a force twice as strong as Ji Fan bounced back.

A look of surprise flashed in Ji Fan's eyes.

This Sturt deserves to be a black-robed magician, and his strength is indeed extraordinary.

He stepped back, taking off the force.

Afterwards, Ji Fan didn't say a word and was about to start, when Stelt shouted.

"Hold on."

Hearing this, Ji Fan paused, narrowed his eyes, and looked at Stuart.

At this moment, Stewart's face was not as sarcastic as before, but changed to a solemn one.

"Long people, what kind of exercise did you just cast? Weihe can annihilate my magic?"

Hearing this, Ji Fan was stunned.

This guy is really naive. Now that they are two opposing sides, he would actually ask such a question.

Ji Fan sneered.

"Do you think I need to tell you?"

Stewart's tone was stagnant, and then he said:

"In exchange, I can tell you how I found you."

Hearing this, Ji Fan narrowed his eyes and smiled slightly.

"Okay. Then talk about it."

"We received a report call, and the caller was a person from Longguo. The clues he provided, saying that the matter at the airport was done by you."

Hearing this, Ji Fan was stunned for a moment, and then immediately understood.

It's Situ Nan! ! !

I never thought that after this Situ Nan left, he would actually do such a trick. He was so disgusting.

Ji Fan cursed secretly.

At this time, Stewart said:

"I told you everything I know, now, you can say it."

Ji Fan heard the words, a joke flashed in his eyes, he took out a witch tool from the ring, and secretly poured the power of the stars into it.

"It's this thing. This is my Dragon Country's unique magic weapon. It can resist magical attacks. Unfortunately, it is a one-time use."

Ji Fan said, revealing a look of pain.

Stuart heard the words, and instantly a spiritual force enveloped him.

After investigation, he found that, sure enough, the witchcraft in Ji Fan's hand had a certain resistance to magic, but this resistance had almost disappeared.

After he understood, the guard in Stelter's eyes finally disappeared.

However, at this moment, Ji Fan looked unhappy.

"You came to arrest me with just one phone call. Is this what your Irish royal family does?"

"Also, have you ever wondered how the whistleblower knew?"

Stewart's face froze, and then said:

"Ji Fan from the Dragon Country, anyway, the clues provided by this report call are very detailed. We need you to go back with us to assist in the investigation, otherwise, I will not be able to send business to the royal family."

Hearing this, Ji Fan said expressionlessly:

"What if I don't?"

"Then, we have to do it again."

Although Stelt was no longer in a sarcastic posture, his tone was still very firm.

Hearing this, Ji Fan felt helpless.

This is the difference between provoking a country and provoking a sect or family.

Provoking the country means a steady stream of trouble.

After much deliberation, Ji Fan decided to go there. It would be better if he could handle the matter completely. If possible, it would be better to pull Situ Nan into the water.

"Let's go."

Ji Fan said lightly.

Hearing this, Stuart also secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Please, Mr. Ji."

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