Chapter 1439
Lei Su's eyes were very calm.

She seemed to have known for a long time that this would be the case.

"Fan'er, Mom... If I can see you, I'm content. Some people don't want me to live. You are not their opponent... Don't be brave..."

"No no no no……"

Ji Fan is crazy.

His eyes were red and he roared loudly.

"There must be some other way?"

"There must be some other way!!"

Ji Fan shed tears and looked at Lolo.


Seeing Ji Fan's hopeful eyes, Luo Luo certainly wanted to help him, but this time, she really had no choice.

At this moment, in Ji Fan's mind, the voice of Huang Laomo sounded.

"Boy, maybe, the old man has a method that will work."

Old Demon Huang's words shocked Ji Fan.

He immediately opened the jade pendant space, and the remnant soul of Huang Laomo floated out.

Seeing the remnant soul that suddenly appeared, Luo Luo's eyes narrowed, and a cold wave radiated from her body.

At this time, Ji Fan couldn't care to explain, he quickly said to Huang Laomo:

"Senior, what can you do, tell me quickly."

In the past, Ji Fan used to call Huang Laomo directly. This was the first time he used the word "senior".

Huang Laomo has been following Ji Fan all this time, and he also understands Ji Fan's temperament. He doesn't say much nonsense and directly said:

"The old man first explained that this method of the old man is somewhat unreasonable, and I don't know whether it works or not."

"Senior, speak up."

Ji Fan said in a hurry.

"Well, my method is very simple. In fact, it is to establish a soul link with your mother through a principle similar to the blood contract, and introduce the toxins in her soul into other people's bodies."

"Of course, in this case, the person who is introduced to the soul toxin, then..."

Huang Laomo didn't finish his words, but the meaning was obvious.

The person who was imported may not be much better.

Hearing Huang Laomo's words, Ji Fan said without hesitation:

"I come."

"How to do it."

Lolo next to him frowned.

"Wait a moment."

Lolo stopped Ji Fan.

She stared at Huang Laomo's remnant soul and said.

"Have you tried this method before?"


Huang Lao Mo said calmly.

"Then how do you make sure it works?"

"It's very simple. The old man has lived for thousands of years with his remnant soul. When it comes to understanding the soul, who can compare to the old man."

Huang Laomo's words revealed invisible domineering.

Lolo was speechless.

Seeing Lei Su's breath disappearing little by little.

Ji Fan couldn't wait.

"Senior, just say, what to do."

Facing Ji Fan's request, Huang Lao Mo hesitated for a moment and said:

"Actually, you can find anyone else's."

With that said, his eyes turned to the elders around him.

"The old man can feel that their souls are good, and they should be able to withstand this toxin."

As soon as Old Demon Huang said these words, the surrounding elders almost pissed their pants with fright.

Back one by one.

Ji Fan shook his head and said:

"No need, just me. If my mother knows that I use someone else's life to save her, she will be more sad."

Looking at Ji Fan with a determined face, Huang Lao Mo sighed and said:


"The old man passed on you the magic formula for establishing a blood contract."

As he said that, his remnant soul flashed slightly, and Ji Fan's mind immediately added a magic formula.

After Ji Fan read it again, he took a deep breath, then stretched out his hand and swiped his finger, a cross-shaped wound immediately appeared in his palm, and blood gushed out.

Ji Fan did not hesitate to put his palm on his mother's back.

At the moment of contact, the soul toxin on Lei Su's body seemed to be a ferocious tiger that had been hungry for many days. When he met a sheep, it rushed into Ji Fan's body instantly following the wound on Ji Fan's palm.

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