Chapter: 9312

In the comments, a group of islanders were wailing, and a few ancestors who had combed the middle part ran to the gate of the Budokan to cry for their graves.

Fortunately, someone had already reported the case to the Public Security Bureau in Jiecheng, so there was no disturbance at the scene. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened?

"Representative Ye, the words you, the sick man of the island country, can be called the finishing touch."

"Without this banner, you might not be able to cause any trouble if you stepped on the matter of the ancestor karate."

"Even, in a few days, maybe people from Gao Tianyuan will form a group to seek revenge."

Zhang Junyuan said meaningfully.

Ye Hao curled his lips and said, "With or without this banner, they will all come to seek revenge."

"The only difference is that this matter has become so hot that people from the Seven Families will no longer be able to just watch from the sidelines."

"To put it simply, the pool of water in Jiecheng is extremely chaotic now!"

Speaking of this, Ye Hao also had a look of emotion.

"Not much to say, the words "sick man of the island country" are not what I want to write."

"It was written by a man named Lin Qiji."

"At first I thought it would have no effect, but I didn't expect it to be so effective..."

Hearing this name, everyone had a strange look on their faces. Both Zhang Junyuan and Dao Baifeng felt that the name sounded familiar.

"Do you think it's familiar? It's right if it sounds familiar!"

Ma Yuanshao showed off his proud face at this moment.

"Isn't this person the same guy who roamed the West Paradise Holy Land back then?"

"Across the Western Paradise Holy Land?"

Ye Hao looked curious.

Ma Yuanshao hummed: "Back then, a martial arts prodigy appeared in the Holy Land of the Western Paradise."

"It is said that he was originally just a servant of a family, but after inadvertently getting in touch with martial arts, his cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds."

"At the age of 18, he became a generation of soldier kings, and at the age of 22, he became a generation of war gods. Later, he stole the martial arts classics from various sects in the Western Heaven Holy Land and mastered them. Finally, at the age of 30, he created the Western Heaven Holy Land. An unprecedented martial arts technique, Dragon Elephant Boruo Kung Fu!"

"It is said that if you practice this Dragon Elephant Boruo Kungfu, as long as you can develop the power of ten dragons and ten elephants, you can forcibly tear through the void, break the void and go away, and reach the great realm of the unity of man and nature!"

"It's a pity that his foundation in the West Paradise Holy Land is too shallow, and he stole from many schools, offending all the higher-ups."

"In the end, many ancestors of the Western Heaven Holy Land attacked at the same time and suppressed him forcefully."

"It is said that in that battle, the sky was dark and dark, his family members were killed as pawns threatening him, and all the people related to him were blood-stained."

"But in the end, Lin Qiji escaped from that desperate situation, but since that day, he has also evaporated in the world..."

Hearing this, Ye Hao became more interested in the legendary Lin Qiji.

Just listening to the name and experience, he definitely has the protagonist template.

It's a pity that his foundation was too shallow, and he was not truly invincible in the world, so he was suppressed.