Chapter: 9317

To put it simply, it is absolutely impossible to fight at this moment.

Ye Hao watched with great interest the figure that was crawling away not far away.

It can only be said that although Ma Yuanshao is unreliable at ordinary times, he can still be used at critical moments.

But this is also normal, Ma Yuanshao has not been regarded as the eldest son in Jiecheng these years, but he has definitely done a lot of sneaky things.

It was easy for him to smash an alcohol bottle.

Besides, he had a little bit of martial arts at any rate, so it would not be difficult to leave.

While Ye Hao was watching this scene, in another building, Lin Qiji put down the binoculars in his hand, his eyes filled with strangeness.

"Worthy of being one of the most outstanding martial arts masters in Daxia in the past ten years."

"Calm mind, plan before acting..."

"If I had his three-point vision back then, I wouldn't have..."

Having said this, Lin Qiji suddenly coughed violently.

He took out a handkerchief to cover his mouth, and finally stopped. On the handkerchief, there was a bright red...

After this incident, the entire Longmen Martial Arts Hall once again provoked a hot spot of public opinion in Jiecheng.

In addition to becoming the sick man of the island country, the islanders also gained a shameless reputation.

Regarding the disgusting things that the islanders did today, one spread the word to ten or one hundred, but in just a few hours, it spread everywhere.

It can be said that as long as there is a conscience in Jiecheng, they will understand who they should support at this time.

The islander, who was originally a bit awesome, has become a street mouse in Jiecheng.

After all, these Gao Tianyuan people are really careless in their work!

It doesn't even need a face!

The Public Security Department is also a headache. For an incident that has caused such a big public opinion, they have to send more people to prevent the islanders from acting recklessly.

At the same time, they persuaded Ye Hao to take down the banner.

Ye Hao didn't care, the banner at the entrance of his Budokan was easy to pick, but the banner in the hearts of the islanders was not so easy to pick.

Afterwards, Ye Hao also officially opened the Budokan to accept disciples.

Soon, many aborigines of Jiecheng came to the Budokan to sign up, but Ye Hao also limited the number of people who could sign up for the Budokan.

At the same time, he also clearly told these people that he might not stay in Jiecheng for too long.

But even if he leaves, Longmen will send experts to take over to ensure that those who sign up for martial arts will be responsible.

For Ye Hao's frankness, many people praised it too much. After all, a martial arts gym without tricks and routines is too rare in Jiecheng.

Seeing Ye Hao's Budokan opened in full swing, those islanders were so angry that they were about to vomit blood.

The bastard surnamed Ye is obviously stepping on their position, but they have no better way.

Soon, the morning passed.