Chapter: 3015

"Tianba, can you say something now?" Zhang Ao asked tentatively.

"Uncle Zhang, this is what happened..."

Lu Tianba did not hide anything and told the story in detail.

After hearing this, Zhang Ao couldn't help but change his expression: "What? The prince was assassinated? And four of the eight princes want to rebel?"

"That's right." Lu Tianba nodded seriously.

"When I first heard the news about the prince's assassination, I thought it was a rumor, but I didn't expect it to be true." Zhang Ao frowned, his expression a bit ugly.

Once Lu Wanjun dies, a major earthquake will occur throughout Xiliang.

"Uncle Zhang, the current situation in the palace is not optimistic. Please help!"

Lu Tianba stood up and bowed deeply.

"Your father is kind to me. Naturally, I can't just sit idly by when things like this happen. Whatever you need me to do, just ask." Zhang Ao said simply.

"Okay! As long as Uncle Zhang is willing to help, the palace will definitely be able to overcome the difficulties!" Lu Tianba breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time told him his plan in detail.

Lu Tianba's plan is very simple, that is, be courteous first and then attack with force, and mainly focus on persuading surrender and recruiting peace.

If the four rebel princes are willing to surrender to the palace, then the palace can forget about it and ensure that their power remains unchanged.

Otherwise, it can only be suppressed by force.

At that time, in the name of quelling the rebellion, the palace will unite with the other four princes and many forces in Xiliang to kill the rebels!

When war is unavoidable, quick resolution is the best option.

After listening to Lu Tianba's words, Zhang Ao nodded and said solemnly: "The power I have today is all given by your father, let alone sending troops to quell the chaos, even if it means offering my head on my neck. , no matter what!"

"Uncle Zhang is serious! With your support, we will definitely be able to get through this difficulty!" Lu Tian said domineeringly.

"This is my princely order. With it, the troops and horses of Shanguan City are at your disposal!" Zhang Ao suddenly took out his military talisman and handed it over.

Practical actions are not as convincing as words.

"This..." Lu Tianba hesitated.

He didn't expect Zhang Ao to be so straightforward and send the military talisman without saying a word.

This move shows his loyalty.

"Don't refuse. We do extraordinary things in extraordinary times. With this prince's order, you can do it more conveniently." Zhang Ao directly put the military talisman into Lu Tianba's hand.

"Uncle Zhang is so righteous! This junior admires him!"

Lu Tianba clasped his fists and said with a serious face: "When we get through this difficult time, I will definitely come to thank you!"

"Okay, okay, don't be polite. Time is running out. I won't keep you here as a guest. Go back." Zhang Ao waved his hand.

"Junior, take your leave!"

Lu Tianba bowed deeply and left with a few people.

The first stop tonight was unexpectedly smooth. After only half an hour of talking, we got the support of Zhang Ao, Marquis of Pingyang, and got the order from the princes to dispatch troops and generals.