Chapter: 3016

It would be great if we could continue at this pace.

"Uncle Zhang has gained a lot of weight after not seeing each other for many years, but his loyalty remains unchanged."

After walking out of the Hou Mansion, Lu Tianba couldn't help but sigh.

"Lu Wanjun has been in charge of Xiliang for many years and has been welcomed by the public. Although there are some ambitious people under his command, most of them are loyal and brave people." Lu Chen said.

"Yes, with my father's majesty, if I stay in Xiliang forever, there will be peace forever. It's a pity..." Lu Tianba shook his head.

Whether it is Lu Zhiyuan or the four rebellious princes, the reason why they have been peaceful in these years is because they respect their father.

Now that their father has passed away, these people no longer have any scruples, and their ambitions naturally emerge.

"Where to go next?" Lu Chen asked again.

"Following the optimal route, we will go to Wuyue City to meet Xuanping Hou Zhou Bo." Lu Tian said domineeringly.

"Let's go." Lu Chen nodded.

No nonsense, just get in the car and leave.

The four major princes each guarded a city and had many soldiers and horses under their command. In the past, they only listened to the orders of Lu Wanjun and no one obeyed.

Now that Lu Wanjun has passed away, given their status, it is obviously not an easy task to persuade the four major princes to send troops to quell the chaos.

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.


In the early morning, the vehicle drove into Wuyue City and finally stopped at the Xuanping Marquis Mansion.

Zhou Bo, the Marquis of Xuanping, was also a tycoon. When he was young, he fought with Lu Wanjun to conquer the world. He only gained today's glory with scars all over his body.

"Tianba, I know Zhou Bo. Different from Zhang Ao's loyalty and bravery, this person is more philistine and has the shrewdness of a businessman. I'm afraid it won't be easy for him to give his full support." Lu Chen reminded.

"Brother, I know it in my heart. No matter what the cost, I have to convince him." Lu Tianba's eyes were firm.

"Okay, I'll wait and see what happens." Lu Chen nodded.

Lu Tianba took out his badge, walked to the door of the Hou Mansion, and showed his identity.

After a commotion, Lu Tianba and others were quickly invited in.

After walking into the main hall and taking a seat, the maid served cakes and fragrant tea, and the reception was very thoughtful.

After waiting for about a few minutes, Xuanping Hou Zhou Bo, wearing pajamas, finally walked in.

"Hey! Young prince, what kind of wind brings you here?"

After seeing Lu Tianba, Zhou Bo looked surprised.

"Uncle Zhou, please forgive me for disturbing you late at night, but I do have something urgent." Lu Tianba clasped his fists.

"Young prince, have you encountered some difficulties?" Zhou Bo asked doubtfully.

"There are indeed difficulties..."

Lu Tianba did not hide anything and told the story in detail.