Chapter: 3017

After listening, Zhou Bo couldn't help but look shocked: "What? The prince was assassinated? All the four princes in the north rebelled? The gaffe is so serious?"

"I wouldn't dare to trouble Uncle Zhou unless it was absolutely necessary." Lu Tian said domineeringly.

"So, it is indeed a big trouble!"

Zhou Bo frowned, thought for a moment, and then asked: "Little prince, what do you need me to do?"

"Uncle Zhou, the four princes in the north are ungrateful and openly rebelling. I have sent people to persuade them to surrender. If they are willing to surrender, then everything will be fine. But if they are stubborn, we must prepare for the worst. When the time comes, we will also ask Zhou Uncle sent troops to quell the chaos with the palace!" Lu Tianba clasped his fists.


Hearing this, Zhou Bo showed a troubled look: "Little prince, I am getting old. I just want to spend my old age in peace and lead troops to fight. I am really powerless!"

"Uncle Zhou, you have many soldiers and generals, and your prestige is extremely high. There are some things that you don't have to personally come forward for. As long as you are willing to support the palace to put down the chaos, it will be fine." Lu Tianba retreated and asked for second place.

"Young prince, it's not that I don't want to take action, it's just that leading troops to fight will lead to death. I only have so much wealth, and I plan to leave it to future generations for happiness. If it's all gone, what should I do?" Zhou Bo shook his head.

"Uncle Zhou, if Xiliang is torn into pieces, then your Wuyue City may not be spared either."

Lu Tianba said with a serious face: "With the whole family, how can there be any eggs? Once troubled times are coming, no one can survive alone. Uncle Zhou, you are not only doing it for the palace, but also for yourself, and for the peace of future generations!"

Lu Tianba's words were sonorous and powerful, full of emotion.

If there is chaos in Xiliang, the eight princes, high officials and dignitaries from all sides, including tens of millions of people, will not be spared.

Everyone’s roots are rooted in Xiliang, and anyone who has a certain sense of family and country will not sit idly by.

"Young prince, this is the truth. However, I am timid and fearful. I always look forward and backward. What should I do if my troops are destroyed in the chaos?" Zhou Bo looked hesitant.

"Uncle Zhou, I can guarantee that if you have any losses afterwards, the palace will compensate you double!" Lu Tianba said seriously.

He naturally understood that when Zhou Bo said these words, he wanted to take the opportunity to gain substantial benefits.

After all, this is an act of risking all your wealth, and if it fails, you will suffer heavy losses.

There is nothing wrong with the other party doing this.

"Little prince, it's not that I don't trust you, but for things like this, you can't just say it." Zhou Bo's eyes were somewhat meaningful.

"Uncle Zhou, if you want anything, just ask. As long as this junior can do it, I will never refuse!" Lu Tianba said loudly.

These words have shown enough sincerity.

"Okay! With the words of the young prince, I feel relieved!"

Zhou Bo smiled slightly: "Actually, I don't want any soldiers, nor any money or treasures. What I'm most worried about now is my daughter. She is twenty-five this year and has not found a good family so far. If she can marry Giving you, the young prince, is the blessing she has earned in her life."

"marry me?"

Lu Tianba raised his eyebrows, looking a little surprised.

"That's right."

Zhou Bo smiled and nodded: "Although my daughter Zhou Tong cannot be said to be the most beautiful girl in the country, she is still as beautiful as a flower, and she is smart and smart. If you, the young prince, marry her, I believe you will have a very good wife."

He now wants money and people, and the only thing he lacks is supreme power.

Now that the King of Xiliang is dead, Lu Tianba is most likely to succeed.