Chapter: 5444

Looking at the cultivation levels of these people, only two can pose a substantial threat to him, and...

"A bunch of rabble!"

Judging from the cooperation between them, they also had their own thoughts. Ye Wudao immediately concluded that they were just a mob. Even if they were stronger than himself, he could still deal with them.

At this moment, in a palace surrounded by immortality in the outside world.

Thousands of bronze mirrors shine together, and the images in the secret realm are projected inside. One of the bronze mirrors is exactly what happened to Ye Wudao.

Elder Han was sitting at the elders' table. He took out the bronze mirror and magnified it while waving his hand. The other elders also focused their eyes on the bronze mirror, and sounds could be heard from the bronze mirror.

"Is this guy the one Elder Han likes?" someone asked.

Then, others spoke one after another.

"This guy is too arrogant. He doesn't want to avoid it, but he actually wants to fight."

"Although his opponent is not strong, it is not something he can deal with alone. He is really too arrogant."

"It won't be a big deal."

They all agreed that Ye Wudao was a reckless man. When encountering this kind of situation, he should quickly avoid it, because he couldn't beat him at all, so he had to avoid it.

Elder Han frowned slightly and said nothing, but judging from her indifferent expression, it was obvious that she was unhappy with Ye Wudao's actions.

At this time, Ye Wudao was already fighting hand to hand.


Several magical powers came to Ye Wudao in the blink of an eye. The power of the laws was intertwined and ever-changing, including the power to imprison Ye Wudao and the fierce killing moves.

"Star sucker!"

Ye Wudao did not neglect, he took out a palm, and the huge black palm swallowed up the magical power in front of him in the blink of an eye, but a trace of blood also overflowed from the corner of Ye Wudao's mouth.

Obviously the Law of Annihilation is not enough to support him to deal with these strong men. He needs to become stronger to crush them.

"Weird tricks."

Someone let out a light sigh, but then the attack became more ruthless. One of them, a strong man in the same realm as Ye Wudao, even rushed to Ye Wudao and started to fight with Ye Wudao in close combat, punching him one after another.

The disciples here are indeed not kind people. They hardly say any nonsense and just want to end the battle as soon as possible.

The fists and kicks connected, but in an instant, with the help of others, Ye Wudao gradually fell into a disadvantage.

"Boy, hand over all your storage rings! Spare your life!" someone shouted coldly.

Seeing that Ye Wudao was at a disadvantage, they naturally underestimated the enemy. Their attacks were no longer as fierce as before, but they still did not give Ye Wudao room to breathe.

Suddenly, Ye Wudao smiled ferociously.


"You have to fight like this. Only when you fight like this can you have passion!"

The more intense the battle, the more excited Ye Wudao becomes. Now he wants to make a breakthrough in enlightenment under such circumstances and truly master the cultivation of an immortal!

With a wave of his hand, Ye Wudao took out several pills and swallowed them like a jujube.


"These pills are very precious!"

"This guy must have a lot of goodies in him!"

Seeing that Ye Wudao was taking good things, a group of people became jealous and became more ruthless in their attacks.

However, Ye Wudao gradually became familiar with their tricks and gradually became more comfortable with them. With rich combat experience, he quickly found a way to deal with them.

While fighting an enlightened immortal at close quarters, he freed up his hands to either dodge other people's magical powers or directly attack them with force.

To resolve the laws related to the fire attribute, you need to use the power of the ice attribute laws. As long as you master the attribute power in the opponent's magical power, Ye Wudao can convert his own laws into the power of restraining attributes, and resolve them with ease.

Moreover, this is thinking during the battle.

It's surprising that he didn't look distressed!

As for when the battle will end, Ye Wudao has no plan yet. These people just serve as his thugs. He has a lot of pills and can consume them countless times.