Chapter: 5445

outside world.

The expressions of the Shuang Sect elders all changed.

"Elder Han, this person is extraordinary. It seems that I have misjudged him."

"He didn't want to end the battle as soon as possible. Instead, he wanted to use this battle to understand his skills and improve his cultivation. He used these people as thugs."

"With such a calm and careful mind, he can think of ways to defeat the enemy in fierce battles, gradually turn the situation around, and remain calm despite the storm. It seems that this son's combat experience and character are both excellent."

Strong men in other realms would definitely not be able to see any skills and only thought that Ye Wudao was very powerful. However, the elders of the Frost Sect were at least strong in the Immortal King Realm.

They naturally saw Ye Wudao's thoughts and Ye Wudao's talent.

Without extremely rich combat experience, Ye Wudao would never have been able to maintain the calm and composed attitude he has up to now. If it were other disciples, they would have been frightened to death.

This alone makes some elders excited.

"If Elder Han doesn't accept him as a disciple, I can do it for him and accept him as a disciple."

At this time, Han Jing reacted and said calmly: "Everyone, please don't worry about accepting disciples for now. The trial in the secret realm is not over yet."

One sentence made all the elders look at each other, and some of them had meaningful smiles on their faces.

Han Jing is telling them that if she wants to accept Ye Wudao as her disciple, then don't follow her.

Although Ye Wudao has character and talent, the power he has shown now is not enough for every elder to regard him as the best candidate for disciple. It is just that he is attracted by people, so no one raises objections.

The battle on Ye Wudao's side was still going on, and three hours passed quickly. During these three hours, the enemy tried their best, but they were unable to capture Ye Wudao. Instead, Ye Wudao found out everything they had. tricks.

Of course, none of these people have revealed their trump cards. Obviously, they don't trust each other very much and don't want to expose their trump cards.

However, as time dragged on, some people couldn't hold it any longer.

"No, we must capture him immediately!"

"If you delay it any longer, it will be bad for us!"

In an instant, someone started using his magical power, and his momentum was astonishing.

At this moment, Ye Wudao's lips curved into a sarcastic sneer.

"It's over!"


With a move of his feet, Ye Wudao dodged and flew behind Chengdao Tianxian, who was good at close combat. The latter quickly reacted, turned around and punched extremely fiercely.

However, as soon as he turned back, Ye Wudao predicted his movements and appeared behind him again. This time he shot very quickly, with the blazing Law of Nirvana energy in his palm, hitting his heart directly.

In just a moment, the power of the Law of Annihilation exploded in his heart.



In an instant, the enlightened immortal exploded.

Instant kill!

Everyone was stunned and stopped.

Unexpectedly, Ye Wudao had such fighting power that he could instantly kill an enlightened immortal.

Of course, only Ye Wudao knew that this was not a simple crushing of strength, but a method of restraint that he found after he figured out the tricks of the melee immortal.

Because Ye Wudao has rich fighting experience, he even knows exactly what the opponent should do next.

If not, the most he can do is crush the opponent, but cannot kill him.

Ye Wudao was unable to absorb all its laws and avenues, and could only quickly transform them into the power of the Law of Nirvana. However, even if he absorbed these powers, there was still a long way to go before the qualitative transformation of the Law of Nirvana.

If you want to upgrade the Law of Nirvana to the level of an enlightened immortal, you may need more than a hundred corpses of opponents at the level of an enlightened immortal.

Thinking of this, Ye Wudao no longer hesitated and took action against another enlightened immortal.

"Stop him!"

"This guy is weird!"