Chapter: 5446

At this moment, this group of strong men no longer dared to underestimate the enemy. They were shocked and turned from attack to defense.

Regardless of his own consumption, Ye Wudao attacked the enlightened immortal fiercely, constantly bombarding him with magical powers, and in the process, he continued to take out pills and immortal essence to restore his own strength.

Such a battle quickly turned into a war of attrition.

The cultivation of these people is not weak, and they use various tricks frequently, but their consumables are still too few compared to Ye Wudao.

A few more hours passed, and a group of people were beaten to a pulp. Only Ye Wudao remained calm and calm, not giving his opponents any chance. Once they showed signs of escaping, he would strike harder.

At this time, the enlightened immortal finally couldn't help it and said angrily: "You used countless immortal energy just to kill me!?"

"We are not mortal enemies, so why do we need to be like this!"

It was no wonder that he was so angry. Ye Wudao had consumed too much, and the amount of immortal energy he consumed frightened him. The amount of immortal energy he used probably amounted to nearly half a million immortal dollars.

The pills that Ye Wudao had taken were worth hundreds of thousands.

In other words, Ye Wudao spent millions of immortal dollars in the first battle, and there is still no sign of stopping.

Who can afford such an astonishing consumption of wealth?

At least in this realm, no one can bear it.

Even if you win and kill the enemy, it is no different than losing.

Ye Wudao had no nonsense. Seeing that his opponent was in trouble, he struck out more brutally. The immortal energy had formed substantial mucus around him, which he could continuously absorb and replenish.


Soon after, the enlightened immortal finally used his trump card, and Ye Wudao also used the Star Absorbing Art to consume his trump card, and then continued to attack fiercely, regardless of consumption.


As expected, the battle ended after two hours.

Another enlightened immortal has fallen!

Ye Wudao converted all the power in his body into the Law of Nirvana.

Although the improvement is still weak, as long as there is a qualitative change, Ye Wudao believes that the Law of Nirvana will allow him to compete with the strong men in the Immortal King Realm in the Immortal Realm.

Moreover, he now has hundreds of billions of immortal yuan. If it cannot be converted into real-time combat power, having too much immortal yuan will be harmful and will be targeted.

The few remaining people begged for mercy.

"Sir, let us live!"

"Please sir!"

"Whatever you want us to do!"

Ye Wudao frowned slightly and said: "If you continue to do unjust things and rob everywhere, then you'd better not let me touch you, otherwise I won't let you go no matter what!"

Ye Wudao didn't take a fancy to their cultivation. Even if he swallowed them, Ye Wudao's improvement would be limited, and it wasn't even as fast as using immortal energy to convert immortal energy to practice.

Only the enlightened immortals were worth his time to kill and devour.

He left quickly and continued looking for the next target.

Now, he wants to be a hunter, hunting down the enlightened immortals in the secret realm.

outside world.

The elders of the Shuang Sect looked at each other with ugly expressions on their faces.

"This guy doesn't want to look for opportunities in the secret realm. Instead, he focuses on other people. Although his combat power is good, his ideas are not very good."

"If I don't stop this kid, will it cause a big disaster?"

"He devoured two enlightened immortals, why didn't his realm improve?"

Judging from Ye Wudao's whereabouts, he was going to hunt other enlightened immortals, but Ye Wudao's cultivation level did not show any improvement.

Moreover, the bronze mirror showed that Ye Wudao encountered a new team and started fighting.

This time, Ye Wudao used the technique of Nirvana and Rebirth. He faked death and was immediately reborn. Then he instantly killed two enlightened immortals, shocking the elders again.

"This is ancient... magical power!?"

"Ancient supernatural power!"

"Did you see it wrong?"

Han Jing said calmly: "It's not some extraordinary magical power, it's an ordinary technique of suspended animation. It's just the highest level. How can it have any extraordinary magical power?"