Chapter: 5447

Although she said this, Han Jing's heart also stirred up a huge wave of shock. She was a human-level Immortal Emperor Realm expert, so she could naturally see Ye Wudao's extraordinary qualities.

Among the elders present, there were only two who were in the same realm as her and were also Immortal Emperors. However, they did not pay attention to Ye Wudao. After all, they had seen so many geniuses and they gradually began to disapprove.

Although he was now focusing on Ye Wudao, he didn't think much about it after hearing what Han Jing said.

An elder exclaimed: "This kid can achieve such a level of fake death. He must have had some chance. Even within our sect, there has never been such a real fake death magical power recorded."

"It's not just us, even the Yan Sect is like this. Without such magical powers, there are so many avenues, but this kid's path is extremely unusual."

Han Jing said: "Such a weird magical power cannot exert much energy after reaching a high level. If we were at the scene, we would definitely be able to see his fake death magical power."

"Don't think too much, someone has to stop him and remind him that he can't continue to hunt other disciples."

Han Jing changed the topic and lowered Ye Wudao's attention.

The other elders did not see Han Jing's thoughts. After all, they were not at the scene and could not see many clues, so they believed Han Jing's words.

"I'll tell him to stop, Elder Han."

An elder from the Immortal King Realm stood up to ask for instructions.

"No need, I'll go in person and strengthen the seal in the secret realm." Han Jing stood up in person, turned into a stream of light and left.

On the other side, Ye Wudao was fighting in full swing and did not feel Han Jing's approach at all.

In an instant, the space seal, all spiritual thoughts, etc. could no longer be transmitted. One after another, icy cold blades came from the distance and penetrated the chests of all Ye Wudao's opponents in the blink of an eye.

Han Jing fell from the sky, with an indifferent look in her beautiful eyes.

Looking at Ye Wudao, Ye Wudao also shuddered.

"Elder Han!"

A few of the disciples who fell from the sky were still alive, staring at Elder Han, their eyes full of disbelief and unwillingness.

"Elder, you..."

"How could..."

After a while, they all died of exhaustion.

Ye Wudao was startled, held his breath, and asked: "Elder Han, these are all disciples of the Frost Sect, have you killed them all?"

"So what if I kill you?" Han Jing said indifferently: "You need to know that this is to protect you. Your magical trump card will always appear in the eyes of the elders, especially the technique of resurrecting the dead."

"Without me, the other elders should have come to find you. They will lock you up, dissect you, study your laws, and even use more ruthless methods. In short, your life will be worse than death. !”

Only then did Ye Wudao wake up: "Can you see all the places in the secret realm?"

"That's right, so in order to keep it secret, so what if we kill these fellow disciples?" Han Jing snorted coldly: "But you were too careless and acted wantonly just because you had good combat power?"

Ye Wudao sighed: "Elder Han, isn't this in a secret realm? Since it is a place of trial, you have to take responsibility for your life and death."

"This is a rule on the surface, but in fact if too many people die, they will still take action." Han Jing said impatiently: "No matter what trump card you have, you must not expose it again in the future."

"I will not covet the power of chance that belongs to you. I will make arrangements for you. Next, go to the southeast. There is a sword tomb there, buried with a divine sword, of the Immortal King level."

This is the benefit of having connections. Others would have to fight tooth and nail if they wanted to get such information, but Ye Wudao suddenly got the information like this, but Han Jing was not in a position to disclose more clues.