Chapter: 5448

"That's it, get out and leave it to me." Han Jing was still rude in her words.

"Thank you Elder Han, junior..." Ye Wudao suddenly remembered something and said with a bitter smile: "Junior doesn't want to join the Frost Sect, so why not just remove me from the secret realm?"

Hearing this, Han Jing became angry: "What did you say!?"

"If you want to be removed from the list, that's fine. Taking your head off will be equivalent to being removed from the list!"

Hearing this, Ye Wudao smiled awkwardly, nodded, and immediately flew away obediently.

In fact, it was not impossible to join the Frost Sect, but Ye Wudao felt that Han Jing had really misunderstood his relationship with Ji Youlan. Although there was no relationship at all, he was treated as a son-in-law.

If he had waited until the Dong Chuang incident happened, would Han Jing's character be enough to kill him?

But now that it has been put on the shelves, Ye Wudao can only take one step at a time.

The next step is to find the divine sword that Han Jing mentioned. Since Han Jing took the initiative to reveal information to Ye Wudao, it proves the value of this information and must be very important to Ye Wudao.

Moreover, now Ye Wudao also needs a magic weapon. He has seen other magic weapons before, but none of them are satisfactory. It is better to fight with fists and kicks and have stronger combat power.

After choosing a magic weapon, you still have to practice the magical powers suitable for the magic weapon. In short, it is not so smooth.

"It's also time..."

Ye Wudao murmured softly.

He also felt that it was time to choose a magic weapon, and the sword weapon was undoubtedly the best choice, because when he was in the lower realm, he had a certain degree of proficiency in the sword weapon.

Two days later, Ye Wudao arrived at his destination.

Looking from a distance, you can see how majestic this place is. There are huge and towering sword-shaped stone tablets everywhere in the Sword Tomb. Each stone tablet is engraved with mysterious skills and rune imprints, which is shocking.

Just by looking at it from a distance, Ye Wudao gained a deeper understanding of the way of the sword.

In the center, there is a towering blue giant sword, which is shining with astonishing spiritual power and magnificent momentum.

The corner of Ye Wudao's mouth twitched twice. He really didn't expect that the divine sword that Han Jing pointed to was so conspicuously placed in the center of the sword tomb.

If it could be captured, someone would have gotten there first.

There are many cultivators here.

Moreover, there are often sounds and fluctuations of fighting coming out.

The earth appeared strangely black. When he stretched out his hand, Ye Wudao found that it was actually black ice. He didn't know what it was used for, but it had a special death energy, but it could not be transformed into the power of the Law of Annihilation.

"What is this……"

Ye Wudao began to think deeply.

While he was thinking, unknowingly, dozens of people appeared near him. They were all leaning on the bunker, and they had obviously been hiding here for a long time.

The leaders, a man and a woman, are also brave and beautiful in appearance.

Judging from their uniform robes and the special badge marks on their collars, they come from the same force.

It seems... two big families!

"Where are you from?" Ye Wudao narrowed his eyes.

The cultivation of this group of people also made him feel a little troublesome. This was not an opponent he could easily deal with.

However, if they have evil intentions, I'm afraid they won't talk nonsense.

"Zhang Qingyao, Zhang family." the woman said.

The heroic young man also had a proud smile on his lips: "Lin family, Lin Linfeng."

Obviously, they are all geniuses with extraordinary status from the two major families of the Frost Sect. Although they are also in the realm of becoming immortals, there are strong and weak levels in becoming immortals. Their cultivation level is probably only one step away from reaching the realm of the Immortal King. .

Such strength cannot be underestimated!

"Ye Wudao, casual cultivator." Ye Wudao also spoke, and then added: "I am new here and want to join the Frost Sect. I have nothing to do with you."