Chapter: 5449

Lin Linfeng chuckled: "Although fellow Taoist disciple is a casual cultivator, have you never heard of my name?"

Ye Wudao's face darkened, and he cursed in his heart. Who knows what your name is and what your status is in the Lin family. Does that have anything to do with him?

He said calmly: "I don't know your name, I'm sorry."

As soon as these words came out, some people were furious.

"What is this kid!?"

"I haven't even heard of Mr. Lin's name!"

"court death!"

"Master, we can kill him!"

Ye Wudao's face completely darkened. Since their attitude was not good, Ye Wudao would naturally not give them any face and directly scolded them back.

"I don't know, so what, you bunch of bastards are quite capable. Your young master didn't say anything about me, but you are shouting at me to kill me. You are a bunch of brainless trash!"

In an instant, the crowd was excited.

"you wanna die!"

"Damn it, brothers, behead him!"

They were about to take action, but Lin Linfeng raised his hand with a playful look on his face, indicating to stop, and Zhang Qingyao also had a teasing smile on his face.

"He has quite a bad temper."

Lin Linfeng laughed and stared at Ye Wudao, with a cold light flashing in his eyes.

"Aren't you afraid that I will kill you?"

Ye Wudao hated this kind of pretense the most in his life, and he laughed when he heard this: "If I want to run away, none of you can keep me."

"Want to kill me? Come and try!"

Zhang Qingyao covered her mouth with a smile and teased Lin Linfeng: "Young Master Lin, this guy has a very bad temper. It seems that you will be difficult to deal with."

Ye Wudao looked at her coldly and said, "Don't fan the flames. I don't want to be your enemy today, but if we really take action, your death will not be far away."

"You want to die?"

Zhang Qingyao was startled for a moment, then his pretty face turned cold, and an ice sword appeared in his hand.

Ye Wudao sneered: "You two are pretending to be a rivalry, and you are pretending to be on my head. You are also looking for death. To be honest, I am not afraid of you at all. Let's talk if we have anything to say. Don't smile at me, don't think you are superior, It’s amazing!”

In an instant, the atmosphere became oppressive. The faces of the strong men from the Zhang family and the Lin family were extremely cold, with murderous intent rising and falling.

However, Lin Linfeng remained calm. He thought for a moment and suddenly smiled contemptuously: "Boy, you are so bold. If you say that you have no background, I don't believe it."

"Since you want to speak frankly, let me speak frankly. We came here to take away the divine sword in the Sword Tomb, but the divine sword cannot be shrunk and the weight is so shocking that it cannot be moved, so we want to find it. Some clues.”

Ye Wudao said indifferently: "You can just go find it yourself, why bother blocking people here?"

"If there is a way, of course there is no need to block people." Lin Linfeng touched his chin and said with interest: "How about this, you open the way for us and help us distract the surrounding competitors?"

Hearing this, Ye Wudao suddenly realized that there must still be a way to use that divine sword, but because it was too eye-catching, it attracted the covetousness of many people.

I'm afraid there are many strong people, like Lin Linfeng's team, nearby.

If one side captures the magic weapon, the other teams will naturally pursue it fiercely.

It is almost impossible to obtain this magic weapon, at least for Ye Wudao.

Lin Linfeng obviously only regarded Ye Wudao as a vanguard to test his opponent's strength, and had no intention of letting Ye Wudao go.

Even if Ye Wudao has a background, he is not expected to be much stronger. There are many strong people with backgrounds. A single person like Ye Wudao, even if he has a background, will definitely not be able to compare with Lin Linfeng.

The trouble now is that the divine sword is on the ground, but no one can take it away. Anyone who wants to get close to the divine sword will be in trouble.