Chapter: 7423

Huya hesitated for a moment, and set off on the road with Han Sanqian on his back.


Seeing Huya going away with Han Sanqian on his back, for a while, Chi Meng looked at his young lady strangely.

Lu Ruoxin frowned tightly and said nothing.

Perhaps, things have even seriously exceeded her budget, so that she doesn't know what to do at this time.

"Follow." Lu Ruoxin finally gave the order.

Soon, the two followed closely behind Han Sanqian and the others, moving slowly at a greater distance and in a greater direction.

Not long after the four of them left, as some corners of the destroyed mechanism were forcibly opened, Tianyan and Tianxing also crawled out of the abyss first.

Afterwards, the troops also began to come out of it in an orderly manner.

During the interval between asking his subordinates to count the number of people, the three of Tian Yan sat together to repair their injuries.

Although they experienced a hell-level explosion, fortunately, the three of them were only slightly injured, and nothing serious happened.

The only bad thing is that they also consumed too much magic energy, and their bodies were a little weak.

After a brief restoration, the trio got better.

"This should be the first time I've been fighting side by side with my peers for so long." Tian Yan took the lead to break the atmosphere.

Tianhu smiled wryly: "That's right, but who would have thought that it would end up like this."

"Let's go back, I'm afraid we will be punished, even if it's not a capital crime, I'm afraid you and I are just soldiers." Tian Xing also sighed.

At this moment, the subordinates rushed over.

"Report to the commander, the blood pool has been checked."

Tian Yan hurriedly said: "How is it now?"

"The blood pool has special self-protection, so although the explosion was violent, it was not completely damaged. It's just..."

"Just what?"

"It's just that several key support points have been damaged. For the time being, the blood pool is unusable and needs to be re-maintained."

"It takes a long time, and I mean the limit."

"It will take fifteen days at the shortest."

"Fifteen days?" Tian Yan's inner hope collapsed a little. It is impossible for the army to stay for such a long time during the fifteenth day.

And if you want to transport food in from outside, it will also cost a lot.

In this way, the army can only face retreat!

"How about the wounded?"

"Eight hundred thousand soldiers and horses, almost half of them were killed or injured."

"Depend on!"