Chapter: 7424

Tian Yan finally couldn't help but swear a curse word.

He didn't win any battles, but his own losses were so heavy, it really made people very angry.

"This damned Han Sanqian, I really want to pull his tendons and peel his skin." After Tian Yan finished speaking, he looked at his subordinates angrily: "Send an elite team to me immediately, and then send them to him as quickly as possible." I chased in the direction of Yetian City, Han Sanqian is messing with us like this, he himself is having a hard time now, so his speed will not be much faster."

The subordinate listened to the order and quickly took the order to leave.

Tianhu is not opposed to this kind of pursuit, what Tianyan said is reasonable, not to mention that they are going back to the base camp near Yetian City.



"You also find some uninjured personnel to form your own team, rush back to the base camp as quickly as possible, and tell the elders all about the situation here."


"Wait a moment!"

"What orders does the commander-in-chief have?"

"We still have about 400,000 troops. You tell the elder that we will march slowly. If the elder has any ideas, just tell him."

Tianxing frowned: "Brother Tianhu, why do we have to go back slowly? Are you worried that the elder will let us steal Han Sanqian from behind?"

Tianhu nodded: "Yes."

Tian Xing raised his hand and said to the guards: "Then you should do it quickly. In addition, you should remember to tell the elders about the damage to the blood pool. We have chosen to close this place temporarily and not repair it. After all, we can't keep up with the supply. See What's his opinion?"

After the guards took their orders, they set off quickly after a while.

All of a sudden, in the mighty forest, four "armies" marched, all targeting one place.

Yetian City!

Han Sanqian, who was carrying Huya on his back, was naturally the slowest among the four teams. .five

Three hours later, Han Sanqian glanced at the tired Huya and smiled: "Stop!"

"What's the matter, leader." Huya stopped.

Some puzzled, but also some anxious.

"Walk slowly, what are you doing so fast?" Han Sanqian said.

Huya said: "Leader, although we directly blew up the abyss and forcibly destroyed the mechanism on the top of the mountain. However, not all the people inside are dead. As long as they are not dead, they can find a way to break through the mechanism."

"If you chase us, at our speed..."

Han Sanqian smiled and said, "So what? Stop and get something to eat."

Huya is speechless, are you afraid that the pursuers will not be able to catch up? !

However, seeing Han Sanqian's relatively firm attitude, Huya could only grit his teeth and let Han Sanqian go.

Han Sanqian smiled, and then moved his hand to take out some food from the space ring.