Chapter: 7425

Seeing that the sky was brightening, which meant that the extreme cold had also disappeared, Han Sanqian ordered Huya to light the fire.

Huya obeyed obediently, but made the fire smaller.

The purpose, of course, is not to attract enemies.

Han Sanqian didn't care, he just picked up the food and started roasting it.

In less than a moment, the food was already full of fragrance under the blessing of the fire.

Although Huya ate deliciously after receiving Han Sanqian's food, his heart couldn't settle down no matter what.

Seeing Huya hesitated to speak, Han Sanqian smiled: "I'm sorry I didn't get the dragon vein for you this time. However, you can rest assured that you are my subordinate, so I compare You care more about your life and death."

Huya said: "Leader, you know that's not what I'm depressed about, you still use this as an argument."

Obviously, the depression on Huya's face was obviously because he was worried about the arrival of pursuers, and Han Sanqian knew this very well.

Han Sanqian smiled: "We are brothers, I trust you completely now, why can't you trust me completely?"

In a word, it directly blocked Huya to death.

This is all related to this, what can Huya say? !

"It's not that I don't trust you, I'm just worried about your safety." Huya said.

Han Sanqian smiled: "Don't worry, I know my safety. I also know that if I die, you brothers will die too, and everyone who follows me will feel bad. So, how could I allow Am I going to die?!"

"Leader, it's just the two of us anyway, just tell me, what is your plan when we go there?" Huya said, "I don't have any other intentions, I just want to have a clear idea in my heart."

Han Sanqian said, "Do you really want to know?"

Huya nodded.

"You and my brother, there should be no secrets, so since you have asked, I should naturally tell you." At this point, Huya finally heaved a sigh of relief. .five

At least, the leader is willing to tell him what kind of plan it is, which can at least give him an idea, and when he helps out, he won't be like a headless chicken flying around like a headless chicken.

But when Huya was looking at Han Sanqian eagerly, Han Sanqian suddenly rolled his eyes: "It's a pity that we are here, not just the two of us."

After saying that, Han Sanqian suddenly raised his voice: "Since you are here, don't hide and hide. Aren't you very clear about my physical condition? Are you still so afraid?"

Hearing Han Sanqian's words, Huya immediately drew his sword and looked around very vigilantly.

But no matter how careful he was, no matter how closely he looked, there was no one around.

You know, after Han Sanqian's careful polishing of his cultivation base, although he is not so awesome, at least he can be regarded as an absolute master.

With his cultivation base, he couldn't sense anyone around him.

But why can Han Sanqian, who has lost his cultivation base and lost his meridians, feel it? !

Of course he didn't know that Han Sanqian relied on experience and intuition.

Even if a master is old and useless, his combat experience and vigilance over the years are very comparable to others.

"Sure enough, it's Han Sanqian. With all his cultivation, he can actually sense our presence. It's amazing, amazing."

Facing southeast, less than 100 meters away from Han Sanqian, a group of people slowly stood out from the nearby woods.