Chapter: 7426

Although he didn't know them, Han Sanqian had seen them.

"You're welcome!" Han Sanqian got up and said, "I didn't expect that we would meet again so soon."

They are none other than the guards led by Tianhu.

"Where's your captain, Tianhu?" Han Sanqian asked.

"I am Tianming, the deputy captain of the guard." A man stood up.

"Heavenly name!" Han Sanqian said with a smile, "Why, do you guys all start with the word "Tian"? It's ridiculous, the name is so famous, can you bear it?"

"Don't even say that you are a bunch of useless people who do some shady things. Just because you demons are worthy of being named after heaven?"

Hearing Han Sanqian's words, Tianming was furious.

If it was an ordinary person, he would definitely want the other party to be separated, but Han Sanqian, he dared to be angry and dare not speak out.

Even the one in front of him should be Han Sanqian without any cultivation, like a cripple.

Sometimes, although the tiger is about to die, before he dies, he stares at you, which still makes you tremble involuntarily physically.

"Han Sanqian, if you are like you normally, we can't refute what you say. But now, do you have the right to make fun of us? After exhausting your true energy and exhausting your meridians, you are almost a waste now, right? Here you go I don't want to do anything to save face, if I don't give you face...huh." He snorted coldly: "Take you as a dog and manipulate you at will, so what?"

"If you had the guts, you wouldn't have followed us all the way for almost a quarter of an hour." Han Sanqian snorted coldly.

Tianming was surprised, he had indeed followed Han Sanqian for a quarter of an hour.

They hurried on their way desperately, but they didn't expect to catch up with Han Sanqian in the process.

To be on the safe side, he immediately ordered someone to conceal his whereabouts and followed him all the way.

But unexpectedly, he was discovered by Han Sanqian, and he was discovered a quarter of an hour ago.

Isn't he a piece of shit? How did you find out? !

This is also the reason why he hesitated to make a move.

The ghost knows how big Han Sanqian, a skinny camel, is.

"Han Sanqian, it doesn't matter if you are a little jealous of you. Since we met, it is inevitable that we will have a battle." Tianming said: "So, you understand."

Han Sanqian smiled: "I don't gossip too much, come over and have something to eat."

After saying that, Han Sanqian took off the food that was roasting on the fire and waited for Tianming and others to come over.

Huya was startled, and subconsciously made a defensive posture.

Tianming's group also looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what kind of medicine Han Sanqian was selling in the gourd.

However, a useless person is so majestic, if they are still twitching, it seems very embarrassing.

Thinking of this, Tianming walked over with someone and took the food from Han Sanqian.

However, none of the group spoke.