Chapter: 7427

"Don't worry, although I will use many strange and dangerous tricks, I will not use some dirty tricks." After Han Sanqian finished speaking, he picked up the food and stuffed it into his mouth.

Seeing Han Sanqian eating it with his own mouth, and having these words, Wuming thought about it and ate it.

Between the entrance, a wonderful smell suddenly invaded the taste.

"People like you have been relying on blood to survive all year round. It must be a long time since they have eaten such delicious food."

"Food is the heaven of the people. It's just a pity, but you have given up your heaven, eating tasteless things like chewing wax, is there any point?"

Tianming and the others had never thought about this question, but now, with the delicious food in their mouths, and Han Sanqian's small dial, it was really a bit of a question for a while.

Yes, what is the meaning of their existence like this? !

Seeing them in a daze, Han Sanqian smiled: "You don't have to, I'm just asking casually."

The atmosphere was dissolved, and Tianming and others came to their senses.

Originally, I wanted to scold Han Sanqian for brainwashing them, but after thinking about his last sentence carefully, it seemed that I couldn't say it.

After all, he himself ended the topic first.

"Han Sanqian, what on earth do you want to do? Don't you want to rely on this little food, and then casually mention a so-called philosophy, and want us to spare you?" Tian Ming said coldly.

Han Sanqian smiled slightly: "You think too much, if I don't want to be caught by you, I won't stop, let alone let Huya light a fire here and wait for you, right? Even if I may not be able to escape, I will You should struggle a bit too, right?"

Tian Ming was even more confused, and what he said was indeed reasonable: "Then what do you mean..."

"I surrender!" Han Sanqian said suddenly.

"You surrender?" Tianming wondered if he heard it wrong.

It took millions of troops to fight for so long and couldn't beat it, but it fell in front of him like this. How could this be possible? !

"Yes, I surrender, but I have one condition." Han Sanqian said.

"What are the conditions?"

Han Sanqian looked at Huya: "Huya is my brother. Since he is with me now, naturally, I will take care of his safety. So, as long as you can settle him down, then I will never make any resistance. Go with you obediently."

Tian Ming didn't answer immediately, but a smart subordinate next to him immediately said: "Han Sanqian, you are just a trapped beast now, what qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with us. If we don't agree to you, you will be arrested by us as well." .”

Han Sanqian smiled coldly: "I know you all know now that I don't have much cultivation, but I am enough to resist your cultivation at a little bit. You can try it."

"When the time comes, it will be up to you to die or me to die."

In a word, Tianming hurriedly blocked the talkative subordinates.

bet? !

Of course he could afford to gamble, but it wasn't worth it.

If Han Sanqian had even a little oil, he might be able to deal with them.