Chapter: 7432

The elder was slightly startled: "Tianming, are you alone? Where are the guards and the Tianhu people?"

A feeling of ominousness and uneasiness rose instantly.

Tian Ming clasped his fists slightly, and said: "Elder, don't worry, Tianhu asked me to come back first to report the news. As for the brothers who came back with me all the way, they are outside the tent, but because they have important things to do, they can only temporarily Hearing orders outside the account."

"Heavenly name, the elder is here, naturally the elder is the greatest, what else is greater than seeing the elder?"

"That's right, Tianming. As the vice-captain of the guard, although you have a lot of contact with the elders on weekdays, you must know how to measure yourself."

The guards have followed him for a long time, and Tianming's elder is naturally very clear.

He's not the kind of person who doesn't know how to measure.

Therefore, the meaning of his words is extremely important.

"What else is there?" the elder said patiently.

Tianming smiled: "Elder, it's a big deal, a big deal."

The elder couldn't help being curious.

"This subordinate didn't dare to be so rude, but just because of this matter, I'm acting a bit obedient today." After saying that, Tian Ming said: "Elder, may I ask, what is your biggest worry now?"

trouble? !

The elder was a little confused by the question.

He wants power and authority, he wants people and people, so what troubles can he have? !

That is to say, the food point is now lost, which makes him a little worried.

Could it be that food is not enough! ! ?

But if the defense of Liangdian is successful, Tianming will never dare to face himself like this.

Isn't that what they're supposed to do?

Could it be...

The elder suddenly narrowed his eyes: "My biggest worry is naturally Han Sanqian. Could it be that you captured Han Sanqian at the grain point?"

Tianming shook his head: "Elder, the food point has been destroyed by Han Sanqian. Although it has not been completely scrapped, it will take at least half a month for repairs."

"Half a month?" The elder was taken aback. Obviously, the time of half a month can basically prevent their army from gaining a foothold.

"In addition, Han Sanqian also imprisoned us in the abyss and used the terrain to seriously injure our army. According to statistics, nearly half of our army casualties."

Hearing this, all of those cronies who couldn't bear it at all immediately stood up one by one.

"Damn it, Tianming, you took the wrong medicine, didn't you? Such a heavy loss, what are you doing here with us?"