Chapter: 7433

"Don't say the elders can't bear you, even I can't bear you."

"The 800,000 army has more than half of the casualties, and the result of such a price is that the food points are still exploded. What is the use of you for doing this? Elder, just deal with it directly by military order."

"That's right, if you don't repent for such a crime, you are still playing wild here, Tianming, I think you think your own life is too long."

Hearing the constant abuse from his cronies, the elder was also dizzy from anger for a while.

No one can accept such a result.

But Tianming has followed him for many years. The elder suppressed his anger and maintained the last trace of reason, and shouted: "Tianming, do you know what you are talking about? Have you been fooled by Han Sanqian?"

Tian Ming was not afraid at all, but had a faint smile on his face: "Of course Tian Ming knows what he is talking about. However, if the matter is just like this, Tian Ming should come back to see the elder with his head in his head."

"Things have a big turning point." After Tianming finished his sentence, he knew that the show was almost finished, and if he didn't start singing, it might be counterproductive: "Elder, look who I brought back for you."

After saying that, he slapped his hands, and the people outside hurried into the tent after hearing the order...

As the outsiders walked in one by one, all the people in the tent stared wide-eyed.

Even the elder finally lost his composure and looked at the person who came in with disbelief.

The entire tent was silent for a while, and it took a long time before they slowly came back to their senses.

"Han...Han...Han Sanqian?!"

Yes, among the guards, Han Sanqian was brought in just like that.

"Although Han Sanqian has severely injured our troops, he himself has also been seriously consumed. In fact, Huya, the captain of Yetian City's intelligence team, and I had a private agreement earlier, asking him to pretend to be an enemy of Han Sanqian and provide me with information."

"After Han Sanqian was seriously exhausted, Huya seized the opportunity and assigned me a position, so I led the troops to pursue him. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to capture him."

"Because the whole thing is top-secret, I dare not tell anyone, including Captain Tianhu and the elder, until it is successful." Speaking of this, Tianming knelt down in a dignified way: " Please also ask the elders to punish the crime of acting without permission.” ap.

The elder and a group of people were stunned.

After a long time, the elder frowned: "You and Huya..."

"Exactly." Tianming lowered his head even lower again.

The elder thought about it ten thousand times. He really never thought that his vice-captain would actually do such a trick behind his back.

Under normal circumstances, he really wouldn't believe it.

But now, Han Sanqian was standing in front of him, and he had to believe this fact.

Otherwise, how do you explain that Han Sanqian was arrested? !

"It is said that those who are close to vermilion are red and those who are close to ink are black. It seems that Tianming has learned a lot from following the elder for many years. There is such a strange trick in it."

"Yeah, not only did we not think of this trick, even Han Sanqian didn't think of it."