Chapter: 7434

"That's true. Fortunately, I was angry with Huya before, but now, it seems that I misunderstood him."

Hearing everyone's admiration, Wuming was happy, but Huya couldn't be happy no matter what.

In his heart, he was very guilty. After all, he knew that these were all given to him by Han Sanqian.

As a superior, he gave everything he could to himself, but as a subordinate, he couldn't do anything when his leader was in trouble.

This shame is unbearable.

He really wanted to rush up several times to tell everyone that there was no such thing, and he was willing to die with Han Sanqian.

But a few times when he wanted to move, he could see Han Sanqian's sharp eyes.

"Good, good, good, very good, Tian Ming, you did a very good job." The elder was very satisfied, looking at Wu Ming, he was indescribably happy.

"Everyone, everyone is doing things for me, but look at Tianming's performance."

None of the crowd objected, and they all cast praiseful glances at Wuming.

"Tianming, it must be a great achievement for you to capture Han Sanqian. Afterwards, I will personally report to Your Majesty and give you a reward. However, that is Your Majesty's. Among my elders, there are also my elders. Tell me, What do you want." The elder said happily.

Tian Ming still didn't raise his head: "Tian Ming has no other thoughts, but only wants to solve the elder's problems."

"Good!" The elder was overjoyed.

Tian Ming's words were obviously showing his loyalty to himself, and at the same time, showing his own position.

Although he was the one who caught the man, the main credit still lies with the elder.

Tianming didn't come to claim credit because of this.

Because of this, the elder has found a way, and his reputation will naturally be better: "Since you are so loyal, well, this elder will give you this opportunity."

"From today onwards, you officially assume the position of deputy elder. I will retire from this position soon. Next, we will see your performance."

Wuming suppressed the joy in his heart: "My subordinates, thank you for the cultivation of the elders."

"Get up." The elder was in a very good mood.

Capture Han Sanqian, not only will he win more rewards from the Venerable, but most importantly, his reputation will also be greatly shaken.

At that time, he may be the most respected person.

He doesn't care about the position of elder at all.

He set his eyes on Han Sanqian, and then looked him up and down.

Han Sanqian also looked straight at him, as if responding to his gaze.

"Sure enough, you are worthy of being a dragon and phoenix among people. Now that you are in a whole place, you can't see the slightest panic in your eyes." The elder smiled lightly.

Han Sanqian didn't speak, but responded with a smile.

The elder was not angry, and continued to speak, "Han Sanqian, did you not expect that we would meet in this way? No, to be precise, we should all have expected to meet in this way, am I right?"