Chapter: 8494

There may be very powerful killing moves.

After all, from a logical analysis, the more ordinary the owner is on the outside, the more powerful he should be on the inside.

After all, this is a land of demons. The further you go to the core area, the harder it is to occupy the territory. Naturally, the BOSS here becomes more powerful.

You have to rely on your strength to gain a foothold here.

Therefore, what the village owner said really surprised Han Sanqian.

"Are you humiliating the village owner?" The village owner was very angry. Although Han Sanqian didn't point it out clearly, he could tell that Han Sanqian was surprised that he was not as good as the previous group of people.

Everyone has face, let alone someone in a position of power like the owner of the village.

"Actually, I don't mean this. However, if you say it this way, or understand it this way, then I do mean this." Han Sanqian said disdainfully.

Again, he

You are not afraid of offending anyone. Of course, whatever you say is what it is. How can you still explain that I didn’t? Do not be angry?

How can this be!

"You bastard, relying on your own abilities to be so arrogant is simply abominable."

"Fuck me!"

The owner of the village shouted coldly, and the next second, hundreds of thousands of little golden men directly attacked Han Sanqian.

Han Sanqian stepped back slightly and looked at the wooden dolls surrounding them from all directions. He knew very well that just like before, it was completely impossible to hide.

He can only hit hard.

"Golden light!"

With a cold voice and a trembling of his feet, Han Sanqian's body suddenly burst into golden light. Facing the wooden dolls rushing up, the golden light created a protective shield that directly covered Han Sanqian's entire body inside.

Bang bang bang!

Thousands and hundreds of wooden dolls crashed against the golden light shield, suddenly falling into a complete stalemate.


These wooden dolls seemed to be conscious. Although the wooden dolls in the front were blocked by the golden light, they did not give up at all. They still pressed their strange wooden hands directly on them. After that, the wooden dolls behind them Quickly find a gap to get through, and continue attacking against the golden light shield.

Moreover, even if the previous attack has been saturated and there is no other place for them to intervene to attack, those spare wooden dolls will never stop.

They were directly connected to the wooden dolls in front of them, and in an instant, their thousands and hundreds of individuals suddenly turned into one.

Da da da!