Chapter: 8495

The attack on the golden light shield was so huge that it was difficult to support it for a while, and was on the verge of breaking.

"Han Sanqian, what should I do now?" The owner of the village said angrily.

Han Sanqian shouted.

Seeing Han Sanqian in such miserable condition, he was of course very excited.

Yes, compared to other people, the village owner himself also knows that his personal strength is not as good as many people, but knowing is one thing, and whether he is convinced or not is another.

Moreover, for the owner of the village, management and people in high positions do not necessarily depend on personal strength. That is what a reckless person does.

As for him, he is definitely not a reckless man. He is an all-powerful person with both brains and cultivation.

Therefore, in the face of Han Sanqian's verbal insults, he certainly couldn't bear it, and he was even eager to prove himself in front of Han Sanqian.

He also wanted to prove himself in front of so many of his subordinates. He was already humiliated enough by the betrayal of his subordinates.

Hearing the other party's shouting, Han Sanqian just smiled contemptuously: "To me, it's nothing more than that, you are still trash!"

"" He was so angry that the village owner was really going to be angry to death.

He really couldn't stand being humiliated like this.

"You are rubbish, I want to destroy you." The owner shouted angrily and waved his hand.

All of a sudden, all the wooden dolls increased their intensity and attacked Han Sanqian.

At that moment, Han Sanqian knew clearly that his strength could no longer support him.

However, he didn't have any intention of supporting the golden light shield. .

If you want to attack with all your strength, that is naturally the best. What I am waiting for is now.

boom! ! !

Han Sanqian gave up the attack completely, ignited all the strength in his body, and directly used violence to fight violence.

The power in Han Sanqian's body completely ignited everything, and the entire golden light shield was directly transformed from the defensive function.

Using a bomb-like offensive weapon, the true energy in Han Sanqian's body exploded completely.

boom! !

Just like before, those things were exploded again and then flew out.

This time, compared with the last time, the power of the explosion was obviously greater, and the number of opponents was also greater, so the owner of the village was also seriously injured after being exploded.

Not only the backlash caused by the sudden loss of power, but also the damage caused by the flying attacks after these wooden dolls were blown to pieces.