Chapter: 8500

Or, continue to uncover the mask of the village owner. Even if this woman stands in front of him, Han Sanqian will only spend more time, and he will succeed in the end anyway.

However, the consequence of doing so is that Su Yingxia may be in great danger.

Or, give up uncovering the village owner's mask now and hurry up. Everything will definitely be too late, but the village owner and his gang will also have enough time to breathe.

They can choose to run away or hide.

"You are very smart." Han Sanqian smiled coldly: "There are not many people in this world who dare to let me, Han Sanqian, make choices. You are one of them."

"Thank you for your compliment. For me, there is no other way. I can take people away now, right?" The woman said very confidently.

Han Sanqian had to admit that she was right.

This choice seems difficult to choose, but it is actually very easy to choose.

Nothing is more important than Su Yingxia, including Han Sanqian's own life and death.

The woman was also quite confident. Without waiting for Han Sanqian's reply, she turned around, helped the village owner up, and prepared to leave.

The owner of the village was very depressed and stood up from the ground in embarrassment: "Han Sanqian, you are so cruel today, I really didn't expect that you could actually instigate my people to rebel at this time."

If this group of people were not instigated to rebel, even if Han Sanqian wanted to rebel now, even if his group of people could not capture Han Sanqian, it would still be very simple to delay Han Sanqian.

At that time, reinforcements will arrive, and he, Han Sanqian, will be unable to fly.

But the problem arises here. In this most critical link, Han Sanqian collapsed without anyone noticing.

As a result, the situation has undergone tremendous changes.

Han Sanqian smiled coldly: "Thank you for the compliment."

"Okay, you are awesome, but don't be complacent. Although the famous store failed today, if there is a comeback in the future, I will make you Han Sanqian double the repayment."

Han Sanqian smiled contemptuously: "Even if I give you ten chances to make a comeback, for me, squeezing you to death will be as easy as squeezing an ant to death."

"A person without faith and righteousness may become prosperous for a while, but if he wants to reach the top, he will never be able to do so."

"So, please remember, you were stepped on by me at the beginning, and you will not be able to stand up again in the future."

"I, Han Sanqian, may not have anything particularly good, but if it comes to loyalty and righteousness, I can even be your ancestor."

"Go away. Although I have no interest in uncovering your mask, but just like the woman next to you said, I can kill you at any time with a little effort."

Hearing this, the village owner looked at the woman, and the woman shook her head at him at the right time, signaling him not to continue talking.

In fact, irritating Han Sanqian would not do any good to them.

"Okay, Han Sanqian, let's make an oath today. In half a year, or at most half a year, I will definitely make a comeback. At that time, you will kneel in front of me."