Chapter: 8501

Han Sanqian smiled contemptuously: "Then I can tell you straightforwardly, let alone half a year, even if it is ten years or a hundred years, you will always be my loser."

"Today, you can rely on this woman to save your life for the time being, but next time, I'm afraid you won't have any hope."


The village owner was scolded, gritted his teeth and suppressed the anger in his heart, looked at Heifeng and others lying on the ground, and waved his hand: "Let's go."

The black wind and white envoys were very unwilling to end in this way, but they themselves also knew very well that the current situation was like this, and any actions they took were actually just a reluctant struggle.

Thinking of this, several people supported each other and followed the owner of the village towards the distance.


And as soon as they left, a large number of disciples who "defected" to Han Sanqian were completely excited. They raised their arms and shouted, celebrating their hard-won victory.

"Long live Master, long live Master."

They also shouted to Han Sanqian in unison, giving him the greatest praise and appreciation.

Han Sanqian raised his hand slightly and said in a cold voice: "Where are the disciples?"

"We are all here, please give me your instructions, Master." Everyone responded in unison.

"The team was divided into three teams. The first team immediately rushed to the door and opened the door of the famous store."

"The second team will provide support in the village to ensure that our subsequent actions will not be harassed by the enemy."

"The third team will set off with me to the wheat field to rescue your master's wife."

"I promise everyone that if we all leave here safely, everything we promised you before will definitely come true."

Following Han Sanqian's military order, the entire team shouted loudly.

"I'll wait for orders!"


Everyone was very active, and the large number of teams turned into three troops in an instant.

Everyone is also very excited, because they know very well that not only can they survive now, but more importantly, they are a new team after all.

The team cannot be managed by Han Sanqian alone, or even if Han Sanqian sends someone to manage them, they will only have one or two major positions at most.

For more small and medium-sized management, Han Sanqian will inevitably have to rely on them.

In other words, everyone here most likely has excellent opportunities for advancement.

And if Han Sanqian is promoted, you can almost think of the immediate benefits, that is, divine magic and magic.