Chapter: 4744

"Senior Gu, I want to ask, what is the overall strength of the Heavenly Demon Clan?"

"Very strong! Let's put it this way! If all the Heavenly Demons are dispatched, the Yuan Universe can be easily wiped out."

"Why did the demons seal the Yuan universe that day? Instead of directly occupying it?" Lin Dong wondered.

"It's not that they don't want to, it's that they can't do it!"


"Because the Heavenly Demons seal not only our universe at the same time, but also they act arrogantly, make too many enemies, and need to ensure their own safety, so the power they can draw is limited. It is probably also a plan to dispatch two big Heavenly Demons this time. It's been a long time, as long as the metaverse is free from the threat of me and Brother Zhu, they can easily enter." Gu Jianhun explained.

"So that's it!!!" Lin Dong nodded.

Then he continued: "Senior Gu, I have one more thing."

"What's up?"

"Give me one from the Great Heavenly Demon, and you and Mr. Zhu will deal with the other!" Lin Dong said seriously.

"Give me one from the Great Heavenly Demon, and you and Zhu Lao will deal with the other!"

At the same time Lin Dong finished speaking, he started to use the Poxie Sword, and his temperament changed drastically.

As if fused with the evil-breaking sword, it has become a peerless magic weapon that is decisive in killing and showing its sharpness.

With the combination of the evil-breaking sword and the sword energy emitted by Lin Dong, even the powerful men standing beside Lin Dong unconsciously backed away a few steps.

After reacting, several people blushed and stared at Lin Dong in disbelief.

As veterans of the origin realm, they were actually overwhelmed by a newcomer, how could this be possible?

At this time, everyone's eyes were on Lin Dong, including Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu.

As the peak powerhouses of the original state, the two of them felt more deeply than others.

After Lin Dong merged with the sword in his hand, an extremely terrifying force was formed, which even made Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu feel a strong threat.

You must know that they are the strongest in the Metaverse.

What does this mean?

It shows that Lin Dong may really have the strength to deal with the Great Heavenly Demon.

The eyes of Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu showed surprise at the same time.

It is worthy of being a person who can achieve the original state under the blockade of the Heavenly Demon Curse. This aura alone is not comparable to ordinary powers.

According to Lin Dong's current strength, maybe there is hope.

It's just that this matter needs to be planned carefully, and a big gift will be given to the bastards of the Tianmozu later.

"Hahaha... good good!!! Lin Dong, you really gave me a big surprise! It seems that the sky will not perish in my original universe." Gu Jianhun laughed loudly.

Lin Dong's suddenly revealed strength was indeed beyond his expectation.

I thought that this time when the great heavenly demon attacked, we would need to fight to the death.

Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, such a young evildoer as Lin Dong appeared, which rekindled hope for Gu Jianhun.