Chapter: 4745

"I'll just say it! How can you break through to the original realm under the curse of the sky demon, how can it be measured by the standard of ordinary original realm power? Brother Lin is still so young, as long as he can survive the catastrophe in front of him, the future is boundless, what a pity Ah, what a pity!" Zhu Lao sighed and shook his head.

Everyone understands what he means by pity.

If there were no Heavenly Demon Clan, Lin Dong might have the opportunity to surpass the original realm with such a powerful talent.

However, with the mountain of the Heavenly Demon Race standing in front of them, it is hard to say whether they can leave the metaverse alive.

Even if they can block the attack of the Heavenly Demon Clan this time, what about the next time?

Once the Sky Demons are freed to solve other troubles, there will be no hope for the Metaverse.

After all, the Heavenly Demons are too powerful.

The Great Heavenly Demon starts from double digits.

In the Yuan Universe, only Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu were able to wrestle with the Great Heavenly Demon, but they were still seriously injured. Even if Lin Dong was included, it was impossible to deal with the double-digit Great Heavenly Demon.

"Brother Zhu, don't say such unlucky words. We have persisted from a team of thousands of people in the original state until now there are less than a hundred people left. What is the reason? Isn't it just that little illusory hope? Now hope appears Well, it’s Lin Dong. Let’s repel this wave of Heavenly Demons first, and then we’ll discuss how to send Lin Dong out. I believe that without the restraint of the Heavenly Demon Curse, he can definitely soar into the sky, and it won’t be too late to rescue us when the time comes. " Gu Jianhun said seriously.

"That's right! I'm stunned, little brother Lin is our only hope now!"

While speaking, there were several loud noises in the sky.

"Boom boom boom..."

Tianmo Zhan sealed the Yuan Universe, and Gu Jianhun also led people to arrange a formation, and sealed the opponent back.

It's just that it is very difficult for them to break through the seal of the Heavenly Demons, but it is very simple for the Heavenly Demons to break through their formation.

One is the strength of the formation, and the other is the difference in strength between the two sides.

Just now, after being hit by the big heavenly demon, the four great powers in the middle stage of the original state opened several defensive formations, and now they have all been broken.

"The Heavenly Demons are coming! Everyone get ready! Lin Dong, don't make a move yet. Brother Zhu and I will create an opportunity for you. When the time comes, we must see the right time and hit one of the big Heavenly Demons with a full blow. In this way, we You have a chance." Gu Jianhun ordered.

"Understood!!!" Lin Dong replied loudly.

Although there was some disapproval in his heart, he still approved of the other party's plan.

It's just a good time to see the strength of the Great Heavenly Demon, and make sure it's appropriate to summon a few clones.


Gu Jianhun took the lead, jumped up from the ground, and rushed to the sky.

The rest of the powerful followed closely behind, and Lin Dong hid in the crowd.

At this time, countless huge black shadows descended from the sky, led by two great heavenly demons.

"Surrender! Otherwise... die!!!" The big demon with a hideous face opened its terrifying mouth.

"I'll kick your grandma!!!" Gu Jianhun yelled.

They originally lived a peaceful life in the metaverse, and they were in peace with the surrounding universe.

But it was the appearance of this gang of robbers that led to the sealing of the metaverse. In order to protect their homeland, the masters of the original realm died one by one.

From more than a thousand people to less than a hundred people, many of them are Gu Jianhun's friends.