Chapter: 4747

So the Heavenly Demons pulled out two big Heavenly Demons from other places, ready to kill them with one blow.

In the beginning, the two big heavenly demons didn't pay much attention to Yuan Universe.

After all, the only two original peaks are both seriously injured, and they are definitely not their opponents.

As long as Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu are dealt with, the other mid-to-late stages of the original realm will be much easier.

But with the passage of time, the two big demons gradually realized that something was wrong. The powerful demons they brought with them were constantly disappearing?

Not long after, dozens of corpses of the Heavenly Demons appeared on the ground.

The cause of death was the same, all of them were beheaded.

Under the anger of the two great heavenly demons, they no longer hold back their hands.

"Bang bang!!!"

Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu were photographed into the ground at the same time.

Just when they were about to chase down and deal a fatal blow to the two of them.

At this critical moment, the red light flickered away, and the two great heavenly demons both sensed a strong crisis and avoided it in time.

However, this attack came too fast, and they couldn't completely avoid it in the end.

Blood surges! ! !

One with a broken arm and one with a broken wing.


The two big heavenly demons looked up to the sky and let out a roar at the same time.

They never thought that they would be injured if they dealt with the weakest universe by themselves.

Although this injury is nothing to the Heavenly Demon Clan, it is a great insult to the Great Heavenly Demon.

Holding the evil-breaking sword in his hand, Lin Dong confronted the two demons in the air.

I can't help feeling in my heart.

As expected of the Great Heavenly Demon, under his sneak attack, he was actually dodged from his vitals.

But that's what makes it interesting.

Otherwise, it would be too boring to win without even having a clone.

When the Great Heavenly Demon roared, both sides stopped fighting and returned to their camps.

All the powerhouses in the Yuan Universe stood behind Lin Dong.

At this time, they were completely convinced by Lin Dong.

If it wasn't for Lin Dong's secret help just now, I don't know how many people would have been seriously injured or even died.

But now, dozens of Yuanyuan people are still alive, but have suffered some injuries.

Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu rushed out from the ground and landed beside Lin Dong, with blood hanging from the corners of their mouths.