Chapter: 4748

They were seriously injured, and they no longer had the courage of the peak. Once the Great Heavenly Demon got real, they could only be beaten passively.

Seeing that the two big heavenly demons on the opposite side were only injured by broken arms and broken wings, their hearts sank.

They are well aware of the strength of the Heavenly Demon Clan's physical body, this little injury is nothing at all, and they will recover quickly.

Lin Dong's sneak attack failed to seriously injure one of them, and the next battle may be difficult.

"Who are you? There doesn't seem to be a number one person like you in the Yuan Universe!" A great demon stared at Lin Dong and asked.

"How can you understand the secrets of the Yuan universe thoroughly? I will give you two paths for the Heavenly Demon Race, lift the seal, and then kneel down and apologize to the martyrs of our Yuan universe, or... die!" Lin Dong said blankly. Said.

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent.

Whether it's the Heavenly Demon Clan or the primordial power of the Yuan Universe, they all look straight at Lin Dong.

Everyone knows that the Yuan Universe has been sealed by the Heavenly Demons for countless epochs, and not even a mosquito can fly out.

It's hard to put it bluntly, the metaverse is like a piece of fish on a nail board, to be slaughtered by the demons.

The best result that Gu Jianhun and others can think of is to open a gap in the seal, send some seedlings out, and leave a kindling for the metaverse.

I never thought that I could defeat the Heavenly Demon Race.

That's almost impossible.

The overall strength of the Heavenly Demon Clan is so strong that only the ten metaverses at their peak may have the chance to win.

For the current Metaverse, forget it!

"Hahaha... It's up to you? Do you know what kind of existence my Heavenly Demon Clan is? On a low-level cosmic plane like your metaverse, we have wiped out not one hundred, but eighty. You are the number one." One who dares to threaten the Heavenly Demon Race." The Great Heavenly Demon laughed.

The other Heavenly Demons also laughed.

"I'm not threatening you, isn't your body of the demon clan strong? Try to see if the part cut off by my evil sword can recover?" Lin Dong smiled slightly.

When he had just beheaded dozens of Zhongtian Demons, he discovered that his evil-breaking sword seemed to have a very strong ability to restrain the Heavenly Demons.

Since it is useful for Zhongtianmo, then Datianmo is no exception.

The two big heavenly demons were taken aback when they heard the words, and then they noticed that there seemed to be a mysterious force preventing the recovery of their cut parts.

Then they tried all kinds of methods, but they couldn't get rid of this force.

And this force is constantly eroding his body.

what happened?

There are not a few universes plundered by the Sky Demons, and this is the first time they have encountered a weapon that can restrain the Sky Demons.

The two demons were a little panicked.

"What kind of sword is that in your hand?" Da Tianmo asked, staring at the red long sword in Lin Dong's hand.

"Evil-breaking sword designed to attack monsters and evil creatures! You Heavenly Demons happen to be within this range! How do you feel?"

"Even so, do you think you can destroy my Heavenly Demon Clan with this weapon? You are so naive, you don't even know how powerful our Heavenly Demon Clan is..."

"Because I don't know, I want to try!!!"