Chapter: 4749

Lin Dong grinned, held the evil-breaking sword in his hand, and rushed towards the camp of the Heavenly Demons in an instant.

At the same time, don't forget to leave a sentence.

"Seniors, don't move, let's see how I can avenge those martyrs who died at the hands of the Demon Clan!!!"

"Boy! You're courting death!!!" the big demon said angrily.

Seeing that Lin Dong didn't take the Sky Demons seriously, they were also angry.

"Everyone, pay attention to that sword!!!" Another great demon shouted.

Lin Dong swung his sword, and the red sword light disappeared in a flash.

Even though the Heavenly Demons were prepared, several Heavenly Demons were still injured by the sword light.


The screams kept ringing.

"Asshole! Asshole!" Da Tian was furious with demonic energy.

The two celestial demons and the remaining hundred ordinary celestial demons surrounded Lin Dong.

The masters of the metaverse in the distance looked at the battlefield with worried faces.

"Ancient, what should we do? Just look at it like this? Lin Dong is the hope of our metaverse."

"Trust Lin Dong! I always think that kid is not simple, he must have a hole card!" Gu Jianhun replied.

Suddenly a voice sounded.

"Thank you Senior Gu for your trust!"

Everyone followed the voice, with shocked expressions on their faces.

I saw that Lin Dong had appeared in the team at some point.

"Lin Dong, you???" Gu Jianhun also looked shocked.

He looked at Lin Dong in the crowd, and then at the figure who was besieged by the Heavenly Demons, holding a red long sword with ease.

How could there be two Lin Dong?

"Seniors, come watch the show with me! I will explain to you slowly later." Lin Dong laughed.

With Lin Dong's cautious character, of course he would not let his own body take risks.

If something goes wrong, it will be too late to regret it.

How good is it to use avatars?

It can be summoned again when it is injured or dead, and it can self-explode to injure the enemy at critical moments.

So when the battle just started, he quietly summoned the clone.

Now holding the evil-breaking sword and being besieged by the Heavenly Demons is nothing more than a clone.

Ontology is watching a show in the Metaverse camp!