Chapter: 4750

When Gu Jianhun and others heard that Lin Dong asked them to watch the play, even though they had many questions in their hearts, they didn't ask them, and stared at the battlefield curiously.

I can't help thinking.

Is this kid really a newcomer who has just stepped into the original realm?

And that sword is not simple, it can restrain the Heavenly Demon Race.

Faced with the siege of many Heavenly Demons and two big Heavenly Demons, Lin Dong cloned himself and threw the evil-breaking sword in his hand at one of the Heavenly Demons at the right time.

The Heavenly Demon who was targeted saw the evil-breaking sword attacking, and his frightened body trembled.

They have already seen the power of the evil-breaking sword, as evidenced by the dozens of demon corpses on the ground and the wounds of two great demons.

Once touched by that sword, either death or injury.

It wanted to escape, but the speed of the Evil Breaking Sword was too fast, it pierced through its body in an instant, and shot towards the rear.

The heart was pierced, and then a mysterious force poured in, preventing it from recovering and destroying the body at the same time.

The Heavenly Demon, who was pierced by the evil-breaking sword, felt powerless all over his body, and his body fell down involuntarily.

A celestial demon was seriously injured, but it made the other celestial demons happy.

Because Lin Dong's most threatening evil sword was lost.

Without the Evil Breaking Sword, they would not be afraid of this human being.

One by one, the celestial demons tightened their encirclement, trying to tear Lin Dong into pieces.

The two heavenly demons have long wanted to take revenge, but because of the power of the Poxie Sword, they dare not get close.

Now that Lin Dong doesn't have the evil-breaking sword in his hands, they are also bullying him.

Little did they know that there was a bigger trap waiting for them.

"Seniors, let's step back. Next, I will invite you to enjoy the fireworks feast, and I will give you a big gift by the way. I believe you will like it." Lin Dong smiled slightly.

"Listen to Lin Dong, retreat!" Gu Jianhun added.

All the great powers of the metaverse retreated quickly collectively, and stopped after reaching a certain distance.


There was a deafening loud noise, and everyone couldn't help covering their ears, staring blankly at the scene in front of them.

I saw an extremely terrifying explosion in the center of the battlefield.

All the Heavenly Demons were smashed to pieces in this big explosion.

Even the two big heavenly demons are no exception.

The powerful aftermath swept over, even though they were far away, the powers of the metaverse had to resist with all their strength, and even then they were shaken back again.

If this is not a special space of an extraterritorial battlefield, but the outside world, just this explosion can completely destroy a level 9 civilization, and even the surrounding civilizations will be affected.

Is it just a joke that the source realm can self-detonate?

What's more, Lin Dong is not the ordinary original state.