Chapter: 4751

This... this is? ? ?

Gu Jianhun and the others were stunned.

Since the Yuan Universe was sealed, the Celestial Demons have launched countless attacks. To kill these extraterritorial Celestial Demons, they basically trade their lives for lives.

However, this time, without any loss, so many demons were killed, which was unthinkable before.

"Senior Gu, do you still like this great gift?" Lin Dong laughed.

"Haha... I like it! I like it! I really like it, Lin Dong, you really gave me a big surprise. We were already desperate, and we only wanted to break the seal of the Heavenly Demon Clan one day and send some seedlings out. Keep hope, but at this critical moment, Yuan Universe has a character like you, it seems that this is us." Gu Jianhun laughed.

Lin Dong was also a little puzzled at this time.

Some things are just too coincidental.

Is the emergence of the system just to give the metaverse a little hope?

What if he died halfway?

Or to be more cautious, did not grow so fast?

Wouldn't the Yuan Universe be breached by the Heavenly Demons?

Who actually created the system?

Now it seems that it is obviously not a product of the Metaverse.

If someone in the metaverse could create something with such a heaven-defying system, how could they be sealed by the demon clan and trapped for such a long time, and they need to break the situation by themselves.

Since he couldn't figure it out, Lin Dong stopped thinking about it.

Now let's settle the matter of the Heavenly Demon Clan first, and return the Yuan Universe to a bright future!

Just at this time.

In the place where the big explosion happened in front, there were two energy vortexes, which converged and slowly formed two giant figures, which were the two great demons of the demon clan.

Although the power of Lin Dong's self-detonation is great, it doesn't have the mysterious power of the evil sword to restrain demons, so it can't prevent the big demon from recovering on its own.

Of course, the little celestial demon and the middle celestial demon did not have the recovery power of the big celestial demon, they had already died completely in the big bang.

Only the great heavenly demon can escape, but even if he can recover, it is already at the end of his strong bow, and even Gu Jianhun and Zhu old man can't beat him.

The real bodies of the two great heavenly demons had just recovered, and before they could escape, a red light flashed, beheading their heads, and then several red sword lights appeared, and their bodies were dismembered.

Being hit by the evil-breaking sword is no less than the damage received in the explosion just now.

After all, the Evil Breaking Sword is the nemesis of the Heavenly Demon Clan, and it can restrain their physical recovery, something that Lin Dong's avatar self-detonation cannot do.

Each has its own advantages.

Used together, the effect is absolutely amazing.

as it is now.

When the Great Heavenly Demon was on guard, he could dodge the attack of the evil-breaking sword, but he was just injured by the big explosion, and he had already used up 80% of his energy to recover, and was hit by a single blow in the end.

The bodies of the two great heavenly demons fell quickly, and another clone of Lin Dong appeared at the position where they were just now, holding the evil-breaking sword.