Chapter: 4752

So far, the two big celestial demons and more than a hundred small and medium celestial demons were all wiped out by Lin Dong alone.

The price is nothing more than the self-destruction of a clone, and the small one can be ignored.

But this is also an unexpected result.

At that time, after Lin Dong's avatar lost the evil sword, all the demons surrounded him to tear him into pieces, which gave Lin Dong the best chance to blew himself up.

Otherwise, the effect will definitely not be so good.

All the powers of the Yuan Universe looked at Lin Dong beside him, and then at Lin Dong holding a red long sword in the distance, feeling confused.

Didn't you blew one up just now?

Why did another Lin Dong appear?

Could this be a secret technique?

If there is such a heaven-defying secret technique, wouldn't it be invincible?

"Lin Dong, this is???" Gu Jianhun pointed to the clone in the distance and asked.

Others also cast curious eyes.

"Senior Gu, that's my avatar. We'll talk about the specific situation later. Now we should rush out and break the seal of the Kaiyuan Universe before the Sky Demons can react. Otherwise, wait for them to recover and get ready. , but it will not be easy." Lin Dong said seriously.

rush out?

Gu Jianhun hesitated when he heard Lin Dong's words.

Let alone whether the seal can be broken, even if it is broken, what they have to face is the main force of the Heavenly Demon Clan.

Outside the metaverse, there is an army of demons stationed there, monitoring the movements of the metaverse and several surrounding universes at any time.

There are at least two digits of big heavenly demons.

But thinking of Lin Dong's performance just now, even the Great Heavenly Demon killed two of them, and he was relieved again.

"Are you sure?" Gu Jianhun asked.

"Try it! How will you know if you don't try?" Lin Dong replied.

"Okay! Then we'll take a gamble with you! Anyway, if you stay here, you will be attacked by the demons sooner or later. Why don't you fight now, what do you think?" Gu Jianhun looked at everyone after speaking.

"Kill!!!" All the powers of the metaverse shouted in unison.

Trapped here for such a long time, watching the comrades around him die one by one, everyone has long been simmering with fire.

Now that he finally has the hope of revenge, how can he let it go!

"Thank you seniors for your trust! Then let's go!"

After Lin Dong finished speaking, he took the lead to soar into the sky, followed by his clone.

Gu Jianhun and Old Man Zhu also followed.

Finally, there are the rest of the great powers of the metaverse.

In the process of rushing up, clones appeared around Lin Dong out of thin air, and there were hundreds of them in the blink of an eye.