Chapter: 4753

Seeing this, Gu Jianhun and others who were following behind all rubbed their eyes in unison, unable to believe everything in front of them.

They have seen with their own eyes the destructive power caused by one of Lin Dong's avatars, even the Great Heavenly Demon is no match.

What is the concept of hundreds?

This power is enough to make even the Heavenly Demons fearful.

In an instant, all the powers of the metaverse were excited.

"call out!!!"

The evil-breaking sword swung a red light, cutting a small gap in the seal set by the demon clan.

Immediately afterwards, a clone entered the gap and exploded immediately.


The powerful and unparalleled destructive power directly expands the gap hundreds of times.

Then there were several loud bangs.

The gap has been blown very large.

Lin Dong led hundreds of clones, as well as the great powers of the metaverse, to rush out.

The moment they came out, everyone felt much lighter in body and soul.

This is a sign of the disappearance of the Heavenly Mantra.

After leaving the Yuan Universe, what awaited Lin Dong and the others was a dense army of Heavenly Demons.

Just when all the Heavenly Demons who entered the Metaverse died, the Heavenly Demons outside have already noticed, and they are gathering to enter the Metaverse to check the specific situation.

Even in the higher cosmic planes, the strength of the Heavenly Demons can be considered very strong.

In lower cosmic planes like the Metaverse, they usually attack multiple people at the same time.

Seal it first, slowly weaken its strength, and finally invade and occupy it to plunder resources.

Facing so many Heavenly Demons, Lin Dong was not afraid at all.

Then it's time for him to create a visual feast.

Some clones were left to protect the safety of Gu Jianhun and others, and the other clones scattered and rushed into the camp of the Heavenly Demon Clan.

"Boom boom boom!!!"

There were loud bangs again and again.

Every big explosion will take away the lives of countless Heavenly Demons.

Soon a big heavenly demon discovered something was wrong.

But they couldn't stop them, they didn't even dare to approach them, they could only avoid them.

However, there are Lin Dong's avatars everywhere, where can they hide?

An army of Heavenly Demons outside the Yuan Universe was reduced to ashes in dozens of explosions.