Chapter: 4754

Countless demons died.

The foundations that sealed the metaverse were also destroyed.

The seal of the Yuan Universe was completely broken, and even the Heavenly Demon Curse lost its effect.

At this time, all living beings in the metaverse felt that their bodies and souls were lighter, as if some kind of shackles had disappeared.

Especially those who are strong in the imperial realm feel the strongest.

Without the suppression of the Heavenly Demon Curse, the metaverse will inevitably usher in a blowout explosion, and newcomers from the original realm will appear in batches.

The big demons who survived the big bang were stunned.

This is the first time the Heavenly Demons have encountered a counter-kill from a lower cosmic plane.

This has never happened before.

Such a powerful self-detonation, even the Great Heavenly Demon could not bear it.

Although it is not fatal, it will at least seriously injure the Great Heavenly Demon and lose most of its combat power.

One big explosion can seriously injure the Great Heavenly Demon in the center, and two more times, even the Great Heavenly Demon will have to drink his hatred on the spot.

Lin Dong can be said to be fighting against the army of the Heavenly Demon Clan alone.

Gu Jianhun and others followed, just to watch the show, not to mention helping, they couldn't even get close, and even needed Lin Dong's distraction to protect.

At this moment, they finally saw what kind of evil character appeared in Yuan Universe.

The news that the Heavenly Demon army stationed outside the Yuan Universe was wiped out was quickly passed back by the surviving Great Heavenly Demon.

The Heavenly Demon Clan suffered such heavy losses, so naturally they would not let it go, they pulled back all their strength and headed to where the Yuan Universe was.

Just when Lin Dong was about to attack the remaining big demons, a deep voice came from a distance.

"Bold!!! Dare to hurt my Heavenly Demon Clan, court death!!!"

When the big heavenly demons heard this voice, surprise expressions immediately appeared on their frightened faces.

What he said was the great elder of the Heavenly Demon Clan, an existence who had half stepped out of the original realm.

Lin Dong also noticed that the speaking demon's strength was not simple.

It is a level stronger than the Great Heavenly Demon.

But he... is not afraid! ! !

Because until now, he has not used his full strength.

He reached out and took out a palm-sized gourd, took a sip, and immediately replenished the lost essence and blood.

The dense clones were summoned by Lin Dong again.

The huge mental power controlled the clone, rushing towards the place where the sound came from.

After a while.

"Boom boom boom boom boom..."

Countless terrifying explosions exploded in the void like fireworks.