Chapter: 4755

Each of Lin Dong's avatars can accurately arrive at the side of the Great Elder of the Heavenly Demon Clan, and then explode themselves.

After the ultimate evolution of the system was completed, Lin Dong's spiritual power had been greatly improved, and even the Great Elder of the Sky Demon Race could not escape his perception.

The avatar is like a locator, no matter where the target is hiding, it can be found.

Even an existence like the Great Elder of the Heavenly Demon Clan became embarrassed after suffering dozens of explosions.

It has traversed the universe and all realms for many years, and has never seen such a weird way of fighting, and it can't hide even if it wants to.

The power of each explosion is comparable to that of a top-level demon.

Soon, the Great Elder of the Heavenly Demon Clan felt that going on like this was not an option.

The key is to see that there are hundreds of figures surrounded from all directions.

There will be another dozens or hundreds of big explosions, even if he has already stepped out of the original state, he will be seriously injured, so let's go back and study to understand what's going on before we talk about it!

So he found a weak direction and ran away without looking back.

After successfully repelling the Great Elder of the Heavenly Demon Clan, Lin Dong did not go after him. He knew that it was too difficult to kill an existence of this level.

In case the other party finds out his own body, the consequences may be very serious.

The big heavenly demons who survived by luck saw that even the great elder had run away, and immediately wanted to leave this place.

However, they have been surrounded by hundreds of clones of Lin Dong, and they will die if they move!

Gu Jianhun and other great powers of the metaverse are already numb at this time.

They believe that Lin Dong is the savior of the Yuan universe, who was born under the suppression of the Heavenly Demon Curse and gathered the luck of the entire Yuan universe. No matter what kind of achievements Lin Dong creates, it is a matter of course.

Even if someone said that Lin Dong had surpassed his original state, they would believe it.

With Lin Dong around, the Yuan Universe no longer has to be afraid of the Heavenly Demons.


Many years later, more than a dozen interstellar travelers appeared in the metaverse, traveling in the starry sky in an exquisite spaceship.

Every time they arrive at a civilization, they will stop and appreciate it for a while, and then continue to set off to the next civilization. There is no end, and wherever they go, it counts.

All kinds of horrific disasters in the cosmic starry sky can't cause the slightest trouble to them, because there is a number one powerhouse in the metaverse among them.

The book is over! ! !

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Paraaah niih komik, endingnya membagongkan

Pai jans

Sayang sekali... Cerita sudah berakhir, Padahal belum tau siapa yg telah menciptakan sistemnya

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Not a good ending....too much mystery left . Don't know who made system,how did he dealt with girls? ,did he. Just abondoned them after that ?.no future hope with kids ? The worst and boring ending from around 10 novel I read


pada saat ling dong menggunakan system', dia berjanji bersama untuk menyelamatkan teman teman nya yang terjebak di alam level dewa.