Chapter: 2750

"In addition to inquiring about Haitong, if you can find out about the people who are related to her, such as Mr. Zhan, merchants, and her biological sister, please tell me."

"If we want to take revenge and go back, we must be clear about it and find opportunities to hit it with one strike."

"As for the reward, how much does Miss Ning Er want?"

Ning Siqi said: "Although it is not difficult to find out the information, if Master Zhan finds out, I will be very unlucky. This is a very dangerous thing. It means that I risk my life to do this kind of thing."

"Mrs. Zheng can't treat me badly, right? Cooperation also requires sincerity. Mrs. Zheng should give me half a million yuan every month. After all, you often need to ask a lot of people to help you do this kind of thing. If you ask others for help, I will spend a lot of money." money."

Mrs. Zheng scolded Ning Siqi in her heart for asking for half a million yuan a month.

According to her wish, she was only willing to give Ning Siqi some pocket money.

One month, the top dollar is 30,000 to 50,000 yuan.

She didn't want to give any more.

She didn't have to cooperate with Ning Siqi, she just wanted to find a helper who could be her scapegoat in the charge.

However, she did not refuse explicitly, she just smiled and said: "Fifty thousand a month is not a small amount. Miss Ning Er always wants me to see if you have the ability to earn half a million a month." Here comes the work.”

Mrs. Zheng picked up a cup of tea and took a sip. She felt that the tea in this restaurant was bitter and unpleasant. It was not freshly brewed. I don’t know when it was brewed.

There was disgust in her eyes, fleeting.

"How do you want me to behave?"

Ning Siqi also knew that half a million yuan a month was not a small amount for ordinary people.

She didn't know anything about Mrs. Zheng's family background, but the car she was riding in was only over a million dollars. It was not as luxurious as the car she drove before she entered. The people who followed Mrs. Zheng drove cars worth around 100,000 yuan. cheap car.

Presumably, Mrs. Zheng's family is not very rich.

Mrs. Zheng smiled and said, "Miss Ning Er, have you ever thought about what you will do after returning to the Ning family?"

Ning Siqi's face immediately filled with hatred and said: "Of course I want to settle the score with Ning Yunchu. She has done me so much, and my parents have also suffered so much from her. She now controls the Ning family. I How can I let her control my family?"

"I want to take everything back from the Ning family!"

Mrs. Zheng said: "Let's see if Miss Ning Er has the ability. If Miss Ning Er has the ability to take back everything from the Ning family, then I can give Miss Ning a reward of one million a month and we can cooperate. "