Chapter: 2777

The head of the Feng family might be the murderer of her family. Facing her enemy, Mrs. Shang couldn't be nice and angry.

"The Feng family mainly has nothing else to do. Please come back. I'm going to the hospital to see my little grandson."

Mrs. Shang was too lazy to talk to the head of the Feng family and gave the order to expel the guests. She got up and got ready to see off the guests.

After being ordered to be expelled, the head of the Feng family would never stay no matter how thick-skinned he was.

Originally, she thought Mrs. Shang would greet her warmly when she came to the merchant.

Thinking of what she had done, even though Mrs. Shang had no evidence, she knew it, and Mrs. Shang did not kick her out. It was a good idea, and the head of the Feng family felt relieved again.

However, she, Mrs. Shang and the Hai Ling sisters could no longer interact with each other like ordinary relatives. Mrs. Shang was convinced that she was the murderer.

The head of the Feng family stood up and said, "I'm going back to Jiangcheng in a few days. Ah Ying, when your grandson is one month old, give me a call and I'll come over and drink the full moon wine."

"Master Feng, please!"

Mrs. Shang did not agree to the request of Master Feng.

The head of the Feng family looked at her deeply and nodded to Mr. Shang. Her nephew and son-in-law's status in the family was probably the same as that of her old Zheng. The women in the Feng family were all very powerful.

Mrs. Shang mentioned the gifts brought by the Feng family. She couldn't take so many by herself. Mr. Shang immediately helped his wife and handed back all the things the Feng family had sent to the Feng family.

"Ah Ying, this is what I gave to your daughter-in-law. Although we haven't seen each other for decades and our relationship is estranged, we all have the blood of the Feng family in our bodies. We are a family and relatives. I am the elder. , give this junior some supplements, so don’t refuse.”

"Thank you. Our family is not short of supplements. Master Feng, please take them back. If you don't take them back, I will treat them as rubbish if you leave them here."

She would not let her daughter-in-law take the supplements sent by the head of the Feng family.

Head of the Feng family: "..."

Mrs. Shang really didn't give her any face.

The head of the Feng family took a few deep breaths and told herself not to be angry. She tried hard to calm down her emotions and said to Mrs. Shang: "Ah Ying, the things have been delivered and they belong to your family. You can deal with them how you want."

With that said, she turned around and strode away again.

Mrs. Shang and his wife brought things to her.

The head of the Feng family's bodyguard team was waiting for her outside. When they saw her coming out, the bodyguard team immediately came forward to greet her.

A bodyguard quickly helped the Feng family owner open the car door.

The head of the Feng family got into the car, and the bodyguard closed the door and followed him into the car.

"Go back to the hotel."

The head of the Feng family ordered the driver.