Chapter: 2781

When the conversation changed, she cursed Ning Yunchu bitterly: "It's because of that blind man who is cruel and cruel. He relies on the power of the Zhan family to suppress and retaliate against us unscrupulously. Even if we have done something wrong to her, she has not done anything wrong." Injured?"

At first, the two families joined forces to kidnap Ning Yunchu, but Ning Yunchu found out and was sabotaged by Haitong, causing their plot to fail. Later, they were suppressed and retaliated by Zhan Yichen, which caused the two companies' business to boom. The land was defeated and still in debt.

Only by selling cars, houses and luxury goods can all debts be paid off.

Then, the two families could only rent an old house in the most remote old town of Guancheng to live temporarily.

Even if you rent here, the rent, water and electricity bills will be more than 1,000 yuan a month.

In the past, more than a thousand yuan was not money to them, but now more than a thousand yuan is their wages for several days.

Even the cheapest houses like this cannot be rented for a long time. The houses in the old city will soon be demolished and rebuilt. By then, Guancheng will no longer have this old city, and everything will be prosperous and new.

The rent here will also rise with the tide, and they don't know what to do with the future of their two families.

Cui Jin's two families rented next to each other. Both the young and old are now looking for jobs outside.

They didn't dare to go to big companies for fear of losing face. After all, they were all young masters from wealthy families, so Ning Yunchu's cousins ​​went to work in small companies.

The benefits, benefits and salary of small companies are mediocre, so they can only endure.

In fact, the two families should be thankful that Ning Yunchu did not kill them all and allowed them to still find jobs. However, without money and power, they could not make trouble.

If they still dare to harm Ning Yunchu, they will end up like Mrs. Ning.

The two families also knew that even if they hated Ning Yunchu, they would not dare to harm her again. At most, they would go to Ning's house and cry, but they could not make Ning Yunchu soften her heart.

"Aunt, second aunt, I'm not asking you to give me money."

Ning Siqi said, "I came to see how you are doing."

"That blind man is so cruel. We never thought she could be powerful before. We usually see her unknown and can only earn some pocket money by opening a flower shop. We don't take her seriously and never thought that she would have colluded with her a long time ago. The man named Mo gave us a fatal blow."

"No, we all made a mistake. Siqi, did you go back after you came out? Ning Yunchu didn't let you in? How do you think she is doing now? I heard that Young Master Zhan went to City A to invite someone from the Jun family The fourth young lady helped her treat her eyes, but I don’t know what the effect will be.”

"Then the fourth young lady of the Jun family is a legendary miraculous doctor. I heard that she is a master of medicine and poison. She looks very powerful. I wonder if she can help a blind man heal his eyes?"

After hearing what her aunt said, Ning Siqi was stunned and said, "I went back, but I couldn't get in. All the servants in the house were replaced by Blind Ning."

"Not only did everyone change, but they also raised four big wolf dogs at home. I wanted to climb the door and get in, but the four wolf dogs almost tore me apart. I was so scared that I ran away."

"I see that she is no different from usual. She can move freely at home. I can't tell whether she is really blind or pretending to be blind. I asked her to open the door for me to go in. She said that she couldn't see and it was inconvenient to open the door. I guess so. It’s not cured yet.”

Ning Siqi continued: "My little aunt took her everywhere to seek medical advice. It took ten years but she couldn't cure her eyes. So, can the fourth young lady of the Jun family cure her eyes?"

"She's a disciple of a miracle doctor. That's the praise of the person who praised her. Even if there is a miracle doctor, the miracle doctor is still a human being, not a god. So many doctors couldn't cure her eyes, and she probably won't be able to regain her sight in this life. .”

"So what if she can regain her sight? She can't have children when she marries Master Zhan. My mother told me that she won't be able to have children in the future."