Chapter: 2783

"Siqi, it's not that we increase others' ambitions and destroy our own prestige, but the reality is that you first find a way to take back everything from the Ning family, and then we will help you take care of your business and strengthen the power of the Ning family. When our Ning family changes, If you become stronger, it’s not too late to take revenge.”

"Yes, a gentleman's revenge is never too late."

Ning Siqi said bitterly: "Aunt, second aunt, I know that I will no longer act impulsively like before. I have been reformed inside. I am no longer the impulsive, arrogant, willful Ning Siqi before. .”

"When will my cousins ​​come back? I came here to find you because I want them to accompany me to fight back. As long as I kill those wolf dogs, I can go in."

"My mobile phone, bank cards, and all my valuables are at home. If I go in, I can get everything back."

"Even if Ning Yunchu has Second Young Master Zhan as his backer, so what? I don't believe I can't beat a blind man like her!"

She was always the one who bullied Ning Yunchu.

If she can't even fight a blind man, Mrs. Zheng probably won't cooperate with her. Without outside forces to help her, it's really impossible for her to bring about a coup in Guancheng.

"They can't come back until they get off work at night. You can't go back now, so why don't you just wait here, have dinner, and wait for your cousins ​​to get off work, then I'll accompany you back to deal with a few beasts. Just beat him to death."

Ning Siqi is also the hope in the eyes of the two aunts.

As long as Ning Siqi takes back everything from the Ning family, the two families can stand up. Even if Ning Siqi can't take back everything from the Ning family, having Ning Siqi living in the Ning family's mansion will be beneficial to them.

Ning Siqi also has a lot of property in her name. She is the most beloved child of her brother and sister-in-law. They have prepared a dowry for her since she was a child. When she became an adult, they were all handed over to Ning Siqi so that she could learn to value her name. property under.

Although Ning Siqi has a bad temper, she is stupid. As long as she is coaxed, she can get a lot of benefits from her and help the two families improve their current lives.

The two aunts of the Ning family, who have been rich ladies (wives) for decades, are now so depressed that they have to work as cleaners. The contrast is so great that they are always thinking about regaining their glory.

After a moment of silence, Ning Siqi said to the two aunts: "Aunt, second aunt, I have nowhere to go now, so I will stay here to eat. When my cousins ​​come back, I will let them accompany me." Wait for me to go back and help me beat to death the wolf dogs raised by Ning Xiazi. When I get in, you will benefit from them."

"Okay, then you just wait here for a while, after eating, wait until they get off work, and then I'll go back with you."

After hearing Ning Siqi say that they would not be treated badly, the two aunts enthusiastically left Ning Siqi.

"Siqi, what do you want to eat tonight? Tell my aunt, she will go buy the food and cook it for you right now. But my cooking skills are just average, so don't dislike it then."

Although the Ning family was not as rich as it is now, it was not poor either.

Aunt Ning and the others have never experienced hardship or poverty since they were born. When they grew up, the husband they chose was a good match for their Ning family. They were not rich and powerful, but they had enough food and clothing and had several small factories. , compared to ordinary people, they are considered wealthy people.

Therefore, none of them are good at cooking, because there is a cook at home, so they are not required to cook. They cook occasionally, and the food they cook is just barely edible. Now that we have no money and need to be self-reliant, the two aunts are responsible for preparing three meals a day for the family, so they can improve their cooking skills.

They were well aware of Ning Siqi's tricky tongue and were afraid that Ning Siqi wouldn't be able to get used to the food they cooked and would become angry.

This niece from my mother's family is not easy to coax, she is very willful and unruly. However, the brother and sister-in-law love this niece the most, and they have to please her as their aunt.

They had to please this niece before, let alone now. Now the two families are counting on Ning Siqi to take back everything of the Ning family from Ning Yunchu, so that the two families can make a comeback.

The eldest brother was sentenced to more than ten years, and the eldest sister-in-law was sentenced to a suspended death sentence. Ning Siqi was only in her early twenties, and her only nephew was still in school. Both the nephew and the niece were easy to coax, as long as Ning was coaxed well. Siqi, the two of them can return to work at Ning's Enterprise in the future.