Chapter: 4466

The butler said and sighed.

"I don't know what kind of difficulties the head of the house has encountered. It's so difficult that the head of the house has no intention of eating."

She has not been a housekeeper for a long time, but she has been working in the Feng family mansion for a long time.

This is the first time I have seen the owner of the family being treated like this.

Zheng Hua was silent and then said: "The master is in a bad mood. You should be careful and don't make the master angry. I'll go in and take a look."

After a few steps, Zheng Hua came back again, walked to the front of the car, opened the door, leaned in, quickly hugged a bunch of clothes, and got out of the car with a red bag.

Inside the bag is a set of jewelry.

Of course, that set of jewelry is not expensive.

But all was lost. Zheng Hua begged a small amount of money from his three sons.

When the housekeeper saw that Zheng Hua knew how to buy a bunch of clothes and bring gifts for the head of the family, he gave Zheng Hua a thumbs up.

Shortly after Zheng Hua entered the house, Zheng Yifan and his three brothers came, followed by Feng Qing.

Feng Qing is the last one.

The housekeeper came out again and waited for Feng Qing to get out of the car. She followed Feng Qing into the house and said, "Mr. Zheng and the three young masters are here, but they still can't persuade the owner to eat."

"Miss, you have to be a good head of the house. Even if the sky falls, you can't starve yourself."

Feng Qing sighed and said, "The sky has fallen for my mother now."

Everything that was snatched away would soon fall into the hands of her aunt's descendants. For her mother, the sky was falling.

The housekeeper heard it, and the lady knew it.

She asked with concern: "Miss, what happened? Did the company encounter difficulties? The capital chain was broken?"

In that case, will the owner still have money to pay wages to these people?

If the Feng Group loses its funds and fails to raise money for turnover, it will affect not only the people in the company, but also those who work in the Feng Family Mansion.

Feng Qing glanced at the housekeeper and said, "Butler, you don't have to worry about salary, I won't be short of you."

With that said, Feng Qing left the housekeeper behind and quickly entered the house.

The housekeeper stopped, looking worried.

According to the lady, there really is a big problem with the Feng Group.

No wonder the head of the house is so worried that he doesn't even eat.

It's really hard to get along these days. A large group like Feng's Group has been in business for decades or even a few years, and it will go bankrupt.

The housekeeper has thought about the collapse of the Feng Group.

When Feng Qing entered the house, she heard her father and brother comforting her mother and coaxing her to eat a little.

The old father personally brought out the food and placed it in front of my mother.

How can Feng Yue have an appetite for hot and hot food?

She doesn't even want to eat the fresh fried vegetables now.

As long as she thinks that everything she has now will fall into the hands of her aunt, her reputation will be ruined, and her children will not end up well, Fengyue can't bear it.

No appetite at all.

She doesn't want to eat, she just wants to kill!

Kill Mrs. Shang's family, kill the Hai Ling sisters, and silence them all. Then no one will compete with her children for everything in the Feng family.

It's a pity that now is not the same as it was a few decades ago. There are surveillance everywhere, and she can no longer attack like before.

Besides, the eldest niece and the others all have backers behind them.