Chapter: 1659

Mama Ou's face darkened, and she gave An Keke a cold look.

"This is..." Mother Luo and Father Luo obviously didn't understand the situation, and they sat on the sofa dumbfounded.

Ou Qi took a strange woman's hand home, how could this not shock their hearts?

"Sister-in-law, are you back? I haven't seen you for a few days." Uno, who just came down the stairs, saw An Keke, and immediately ran over with short legs, hugging An Keke's arm intimately.

This time, Ou Qi didn't pick him up, but gave him a look with a smile on his lips.

"Sister-in-law? Uno, what do you call this woman?" Mother Luo stood up abruptly, her incredulous eyes swept over the faces of the Ou family members, and finally looked at Enkeke again.

She was sure that she had never seen An Keke before, this woman should not be the daughter of a wealthy family in this city. Could it be the daughter of a big family in another city?

In her opinion, the woman who can become Ou Qi's wife is, after all, a daughter of a prominent family.

Ou Qi's lips moved, before he could speak, Ou Guangsheng spoke first.

"I forgot to introduce you, this is Ou Qi's wife, her name is Ankeke." Ou Guangsheng pointed to Ankeke and introduced with a faint smile on his face.

You can't lose face by losing anything, especially this kind of aristocratic family.

No matter how noisy the family members are, they must behave harmoniously in front of outsiders.

Now that Ankeke's identity has been made public, no matter what happens in the future, Ou Guangsheng must behave calmly at this moment.

Luo Yanran's face turned pale in an instant, she stared at Ou Qi fixedly, "Brother Ou Qi, you and this woman are already married? Is this true?"

Ou Qi's eyes turned cold, he nodded solemnly and said: "Yan Ran, since you call me brother, then you should call me sister-in-law Ke Ke."

In a word, all expectations in Luo Yanran's heart were dispelled. She stood there like a sculpture, not knowing what to do.

Father Luo acted quite calmly, stood up calmly, and said with a smile: "The two of you are keeping a secret, and have never disclosed this news. Don't you think of me as a friend?"

"Haha, that's what the two children mean. They don't want to make a fuss, they just want to live a normal life." Ou Guangsheng laughed and said half-truth.

"I remembered that the company still has some things to deal with. Let's go back first." Father Luo made an excuse and left with his wife and daughter.

The smile on Ou Guangsheng's face also disappeared little by little, and he looked straight at Ou Qi, but it was as if nothing had happened to Ou Qi.

"Uno, go back to your room first, I have something to discuss with your elder brother." Ou Guangsheng said

Uno also saw the dignified faces of the adults, and cast a hesitant glance at Enkeke. During this period of getting along, the relationship between him and Ankeke became more and more intimate.

An Keke smiled faintly and waved his hands, "Uno, you go back to your room first, and I'll go to your room to guide you in your homework later."

"Okay, sister-in-law, you have to come up quickly." Uno turned and went upstairs.

The atmosphere in the living room was extremely oppressive, and An Keke could feel the invisible pressure concentrated on her body little by little.

No one wanted to speak first, and Enkeke didn't even dare to breathe. The aura of Ou Guangsheng and Ou's mother present was too strong.

Ou Qi gently held An Keke's hand, An Keke could feel the temperature of Ou Qi's palm, and seemed to transmit the strength to her body little by little.

When Ou Lan came home, she saw this scene. Ou Qi and An Keke were sitting together holding hands, and Ou Guangsheng and his wife were sitting next to each other. It looked like two opposing forces.

"Mom and Dad, why don't you talk? How strange?" Olan sat down beside An Keke.

In a word, as if dynamite had been ignited, Mama Ou stood up, "Ou Qi, let me tell you..."