Marry the Billionaire Chief

Stepmother schemed to marry her off in a business alliance with a forty-year-old man. Frantically, she grabbed a man on the street, asking, "Will you marry me?" The man, Jing Liyuan, with thin lips and recently stood up by his girlfriend, casually replied, "Sure, I brought my household registration today; let's register for marriage."

At the age of twenty-three, Yin Xiaoxiao found herself married in a flash to a man she had only met twice. After giving birth, her mother-in-law gifted her an egg cooker, advising her to eat an egg every day to supplement protein. Jing Liyuan happened to pass by and, with a serious face, remarked, "Wife, you don't just eat one every day; you eat more than that."

Yin Xiaoxiao was momentarily stunned and blushed, exclaiming, "Hooligan!". With a raised eyebrow, Jing Liyuan asked, "Did I say something wrong?"

Alternate Name: Marry the Billionaire CEO

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