Chapter: 1652

"You..." Li Zhengyuan suppressed the anger in his heart, "You saw it, this is your stepmother."

Li Feng shrugged, "The stepmother is so beautiful and young."

He smiled disdainfully, and looked at An Qingshan and Huang Yingqiu.

Just outside the door, he had already heard Huang Yingqiu's words. This woman is really stubborn, and she is still thinking about framing Enkeke.

Fortunately, Enkeke was lucky enough to get to know Ou Qi, otherwise Huang Yingqiu would really give it to Li Zhengyuan. With An Keke's character, he had already committed suicide.

"Then I won't disturb your family reunion, I'll go first." He turned around slowly, as if he just remembered something, stood where he was, and said without looking back: "Father, I want to wish you a happy wedding and a happy wedding."

This sentence is like directly poking the pain in his heart. He can't touch women for six months, and he can't touch women only in the bridal chamber.

" want to piss me off..." Li Zhengyuan stared at Li Feng's back with a livid face.

If it wasn't for his inability to move, he would have already grabbed the water glass next to him and threw it at Li Feng.

Li Feng nodded solemnly, "You are right, I just want to piss you off."

Li Zhengyuan's eyes darkened and he fainted.

Li Feng laughed loudly and left slowly.

Huang Yingqiu and An Qingshan looked at each other, only then did they realize that it was a wrong decision to ask Li Feng to say Li Zhengyuan.

After the servants tried to save him, Li Zhengyuan woke up. He waved his hands helplessly, "Father-in-law, if you are in the mood, go to the banquet. If you are not in the mood, go back first."

"Mom and Dad, don't go, I want to leave with you, I don't want to stay here, I don't want to." An Tingting shouted loudly, struggling desperately towards An Qingshan and Huang Yingqiu.

She didn't want to stay in this hell on earth.

"Tingting..." Huang Yingqiu cried out in grief, and wanted to rush over, but was stopped by the bodyguards.

An Tingting yelled loudly: "Obviously Encore should bear all this, why did I replace it? It was Encore who harmed me."

An Zhifeng stood helplessly at the same spot. Now, would An Tingting and Huang Yingqiu still blame An Keke? They still don't feel like they did something wrong?

An Keke and Ou Qi who left the wedding scene got into the car, An Keke's face was still very pale.

Originally, she still had some sympathy for An Tingting's marriage to Li Zhengyuan, but after Huang Yingqiu's nonsense just now, that little sympathy in her heart disappeared.

"An Tingting and Huang Yingqiu are also to blame. They will have to pay the price for what they did wrong." Ou Qi said as if he had seen what An Keke was thinking.

"Ou Qi, thank you." An Keke gently held Ou Qi's arm, and put his head on her shoulder.

If it wasn't for meeting Ou Qi, if it wasn't for Ou Qi's repeated protection, the woman who is holding a wedding with Li Zhengyuan now would be her helpless encore.

Then she will definitely commit suicide, without the courage to live.

"Silly girl, I should thank you. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't even know what true love is." Ou Qi smiled, raised An Keke's chin, and stared at her black and white eyes with burning eyes.

She couldn't help but gently leaned forward and kissed her pink lips.

In order to participate in the wedding, Ankeke put on light makeup and looked more and more exquisite. Yellow long skirt with off-the-shoulder, white shoulders exposed, skin as smooth as snow...

"No." An Keke felt Ou Qi's big hand slowly stroking her shoulders, and immediately screamed.

Ou Qi stopped his movements, and hugged Enkeke tightly in his arms, "I can't blame me for this movement, I can't help it."