Chapter: 1653

An Keke glared at Ou Qi resentfully, and looked at the driver who was driving with some embarrassment. Fortunately, the driver didn't notice what happened in the back seat.

"Don't blame you, can you blame me?" An Keke said in a low voice.

Ou Qi kissed her white and smooth forehead, "It's your fault, you seduced me."

An Keke was angry, Ou Qi completely shirked the responsibility, it was obviously because he didn't change his lust, okay?

She didn't want to get entangled with Ou Qido on this issue, she arched into his arms, found a comfortable position to lie down, she felt much more at ease with Ou Qi around.

Faced with the grievances Luo Yanran and Huang Yingqiu suffered just now, they disappeared in an instant.

Thinking of Luo Yanran, An Keke got angry again, raised her hand, and twisted Ou Qi's arm fiercely.

Ou Qi's cooperating facial features wrinkled together, pretending to be in great pain, "Ke Ke, what did I do wrong?"

"Hmph, you still have the nerve to ask me what I did wrong. If you have nothing to do with Luo Yanran, how could she be entangled with you?" An Keke glared at Ou Qi resentfully, the little girl became jealous.

"I'm wronged. Luo Yanran and I really have nothing. The Luo family and the Ou family have been friends for generations, and she and I have only known each other since we were young. Apart from that, we have nothing to do with each other." Ou Qi raised his hand as if vowing, and said solemnly.

An Keke snorted, "Then why does she never forget you so much, and still likes you after so many years?"

"Uh, maybe your husband is handsome, handsome, and charismatic..." Ou Qi said it expressionlessly when he was obviously joking, which was a little more funny.

"Beautiful." Anke scolded laughingly.

Ou Qi took advantage of the situation and tightly hugged her arms, staring at her affectionately with lowered eyes, "Ke Ke, you have found such an excellent husband, you must cherish it."

"Hmph, can you still run away?" An Keke said nonchalantly, but her little hands tightly grasped Ou Qi's clothes, she obviously didn't care about Ou Qi in her heart, but she didn't care on the surface.

"That's not certain."

An Keke gritted her teeth and struggled to sit up, and threw herself towards Ou Qi, hugging him with her whole body. If Ou Qi dares to flirt with others, she will not let him go.

In the evening, Ou Qi received a call from Fa Xiao, asking him to go to the bar for a drink together.

Originally Ou Qi didn't want to participate, but the boys insisted on letting him participate.

These people are all the children of the upper class in this city, and they grew up together. Getting along well with them has a profound impact on the handling of family relations.

The Ou family is the richest man in this city, and it can be regarded as the first family. If Ou Qi repeatedly refuses, it will only make the boys feel that he is too superior.

Night Bar, the most luxurious bar in the whole city.

The parking lot in front of the bar is full of luxury cars of all colors, it looks like a luxury car exhibition.

Ou Qi walked into the box, and immediately felt the light dim. The space in the box is very large, with dozens of people sitting in it, it still looks very empty.

Both men and women are daughters of aristocratic families, and no one brings their own boyfriend and girlfriend, this is their customary rule, and no other people are brought to the party.

When Ou Qi walked in, the noisy box immediately became much quieter.

"Ou Shao, you are finally willing to show up. You didn't attend these gatherings, we thought you abandoned your brothers and sisters." Xu Shao snorted and said deliberately.

These people have grown up playing games since they were young, so they naturally speak a lot more casually.

Ou Qi shrugged, "How is it possible, I'm busy with work recently, so I don't have time to see you, I'm sorry."

Ou Qi said casually, walked to an empty seat and sat down.